Saturday, January 11, 2014

a fine and a road rage in Tasmania

As we were heading towards a farm stay for the night, we had to pop by Woolsworth (supermarket) to replenish our ingredients for another cook-in dinner for the night....

what we din expect was that the price of supermarket shopping got inflated by this summon (Jinx 5).... we had parked in a handicap lot in our rush to the supermarket... did we see the handicap sign when we parked... NO!!!!... but did we see it after we alighted from the car???? YES!!!! 

but we were too lazy to shift the car and there wasn't any available lot nearby so thinking that it would take us less than half an hour, and also taking our chance that maybe the traffic police would not be that hardworking on a Saturday afternoon, we left our car in the handicap lot.... we were so so so very de wrong.... i admit it was our bad and we deserved it!!!!... =S... promise we will never ever do it again... 

it was just our luck that while we were all very upset and moody over the fine, we encountered a road rage (Jinx 6) on the way to our farm stay.... argh!!!!

it was an empty straight road out of town so we decided to overtake the slow moving black vehicle in front of us. according to the Tasmania Road Rules report, it's okay to overtake even on a single lane, unless there's double white line

as we were overtaking the slowpok car from the right, i saw the driver who looked like this

reaching out of his car like this 

shouting and pointing his finger in my face like this

my eyes went so huge that i could literally feel they were popping out of the sockets lo.... i was so glad that my window was wound up.... i was also seriously praying that they dun decide to bang into us from the back so when they over took us a few seconds later, i was slightly relieved only to receive another round of yelling and pointing from the enraged woman in the left passenger seat... 

she was endangering her own life while doing so. She had opened her car door and half her body was hanging out la while she pointed at us with her right hand... couldnt find a suitable pic online to illustrate her action so go imagine how dangerous it was yourself bah... 

Mr Ang did the wise move to slow down and left a safety distance between the two vehicles just in case they decided to play the jam brake we knock into them then demand compensation from us dirty trick..... 

which i seriously think they tried cos they did brake a couple of time before finally stopping their car in our track. Then both the driver and the passenger alighted from their car and walked towards our car which had at this time, stopped a good 10- to 20m away from them. They continued to yell and gestured us to get out of our car. 

It was very clear that if we had alighted from the car, an ugly confrontation was unavoidable. We really didn't wanna our holiday to be ended on day 6 out of 11 with any one or two or all of us in hospital or the police station. 

So being sensible, intelligent, logical, rational, educated people who had no time and mood to entertain such uncivilised, primitive, ridiculous, boorish, uncouth barbarians, we avoided the confrontation by leaving the scene with a beautiful 3 point turn. 

If they had chose to continue their chase on us, we would have lead them back to the nearest police station. I bet we have enough smart phone apps and our reliable gps system that could lead us to one safely. 

though we stayed calm and collected throughout the short ordeal, we were still shaken. We were constantly on the lookout for that rage black car while driving along the same stretch of road as it was the only way to and from our farm stay... =P ... it was really a once in a life time experience and i hope the count stays as ONE in my life time.... Amen

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