Thursday, January 2, 2014

A love note to hubby on 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Dear km hubby,  

1. Thank you for making me feel beautiful, every day. I really don't understand how you can say i am still beautiful in your eyes so sincerely every day when you are starring at my face with all the reddish acne bumps and dark eye rings and your hands on my 'arm rests'. I super appreciate all these assurances that you still luv me despite my appearance flaws. You just have the power to make me feel better about myself at all times... =) 

2. Thank you for being utterly honest and fore-coming in our relationship. I am so thankful that you are not one of those who will retort with "cos you din ask" when certain secret is exposed or revealed. Thanks for being the most truthful person i know. 

3. Thanks for all the hugs and kisses every morning and night though i have to admit being waken up at 6+ every morning by your kisses and goodbyes can be rather irritating at times, especially when my alarm is set for much much later. Yet, i feel weird and not luv if i wake up and realised that you did not give me a goodbye kiss before you left for work... 

4. Thanks for never comparing me to any other women in terms of looks, figure, capability, EQ, social skills etc etc etc. 

5. Thanks for still being the sweet person i know since day 1. You have not slacken any bit in pampering me even though we have been married for 3 years.... in fact, i do feel that you are loving me more each day oh.... Good Job.... heee.... 

6. Thank you for always listening to my nonsense, my petty gossips, my lame jokes, my bitchy stories and most of all remembering everything that i ever said b4.... 

7. Thank you for starting and ending your everyday with me. Thanks for not loving to loiter outside every other day. Thanks for loving to stay home with me. 

8. Thanks for giving me massage on days when i feel like dying from overworking though that rarely happens ... =P 

9. Thanks for respecting my thoughts, my idealogy and my decisions and not trying to change me for the 'better' or telling me that my way of life is too nua.... oopx

10. Thanks for remembering all the small details better than me. The date we met, the things i told you, the things that happen in my life etc etc etc. Your brain power is just superb for remembering things, even mine.... 

Thanks for being the 9.5/10 hubby. The best that i can get. Wishing for a life time of blissfulness and happiness with you oh. You promised to still hold my hands every day even when we become old mr and mrs ang de .... must remember k?????  Muacks Muacks Muacks... 

Happy 3rd Wedding Anniversary!!!

Yours faithfully, 
candy wifey

PS: This mushy letter was inspired by James Michael Sama's blogpost.


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