Monday, January 13, 2014

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: 593 Briggs Road, Brighton, Tasmania 

it was one of the major highlight of the trip.... a must go place in Tasmania.... 

for just aud$25 each, we got a pack of kangaroo feeds and got really close to a very big troop of kangaroos....

so excited to see our very first kangaroo... no gate, no fence, they were everywhere

start of our kangaroo feeding frenzy 

grabbing onto Mr Ang's hand with its sharp claws as it munch and munch and munch

luv this one the most cos it looks like my Snowy, tiny, innocent eyes, narrow pointy mouth... =) 

no claws!!!!... wahahahaha.... this kangaroo seems to understand me hor???? heeee

selfie with Roo Roo... =D

Kangaroos lining up in a straight rows, waiting to be fed

More and more came and then it became too close and too many for comfort so we ran back to the entrance where there were fewer kangaroos.... =S

saw a huge joey, nearly as tall as its mummy, still milking in its mummy's pouch on our escape back to the entrance

continued with the feeding near the entrance

horny kangaroo asking for permission politely...oopx 

 to bad...failed attempt... try harder next time... =P

We joined the 45 minute free tour at 2pm and got to see and touch the shy shy wombat

sleepy Koala

and hungry tasmania devil 

The sanctuary is a non-profit organisation and is not government funded so to show our support, we did a little shopping and i bought this story book... gonna share it with my class soon... =)

Luv the cute illustration and the little fact sheets about tasmania animals  

and also bought a magnet to add to our home sweet home collection 

*PS: pandon my squeaks in all the videos.... that's how i speak when i get too excited!!!! heeee... 

on the + side, that's the reason why mr ang always let me win in any argument, he can't stand my high-pitch squeakies.... oopx.... 

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