Tuesday, January 7, 2014

cradle mountain

Information from the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre 

no wonder my nose was burnt beyond recognition la.... UV ray was in the extreme zone, i bet it was like that for the whole of Tasmania.... i guess i should be thankful that my nose din chao ta till it became smoky and crumble into ash lo... =S 

Glad that we saw the point on bringing waterproof coat with hood as it's common to rain without any warning and it did during our hike.... 

Dove Lake @ Cradle Mountain

the wind blowing across dove lake was so super duper strong and chilling that it sent me and mr ang into panic mode, especially because he was in his berms!!!! 

view of dove lake from right on top of the glacier rock... =P

then it started to drizzle... we decided to continue until the drizzle got heavier and heavier and we had to give up and back track... 

thankful for the information at the visitor centre, we were prepared!!!! 

listen and see how terrifying the wind was and the zoomed in was on Yuan & Tony who were still taking pic in the rain partially sheltered by a tiny umbrella.... Yuan nearly got blown away holding on to that umbrella lo.... 

two frozen angs who rushed back into the car first, leaving the other two clicking away in the chilling rain

and found out that the temperature outside was only 9 degree Celsius ...  me no like low temperature.... =S....

Headed back to our accommodation nearby for some warm break before venturing out again after the rain stopped... 

Rainforest Walk @ Cradle Mountain

Love the walk through the cooling mossy rainforest 

Photo credit: Mr Tony Lee

Pencil Pine Falls
I took this with tony's dslr adjusted to 4s for the long exposure effect... so silky smooth lo... =) 

naked eye effect is like this one in the backdrop, taken with my point and shoot compact camera...=S  

Knyvet Falls 
what nonsense is this???? Luckily, it was only a 20 minutes walk to see this pathetic Fall and luckily, the weather was cooling yet not too chilling for my liking.... else i would have !@#$%^&(*&^%$!@#$%..... wahahahahahaha

spotted a wombat on the way back.... =) 

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