Saturday, January 11, 2014

Curringa farm stay @ Hamilton - Tasmania accommodation 5

Address: 5831 Lyell Hwy, Hamilton TAS 7140

Price: aud$322.69 per night for 4 pax (whole apartment)

happy to see a rain gauge at such close proximity near the reception unit 

amazing huge land space belonging to the owners

All the units at this farm stay are located very far from each other.... so no worries about noisy neighbours at all.... heee

see how 荒山野岭 our unit is.... 

the apartment  is HUGE and comfortable 

bedroom 1

attached toilet which Mr Ang got locked in due to a dislodged door (jinx 7).... a combination of my brain power and the guys' muscle power got him out.... =D ... i always know that my brain is workable one lo... just not given opportunity to use it only mah.... wahahahaha

with an open concept bathtub 

with a splendid view 
it was such a waste as due to the cold weather, the scare from the road rage earlier that day, the tiredness from the 6 hours on the road, we didnt utilise it at all ... =S 

bedroom 2

with their own attached toilet 

view from our balcony

beautiful pic of sunset (or was it sun rise from the next morning??? ) from our balcony which tony took


Self-cook dinner 2:

分工合作-ing in the kitchen

Mr Ang adding pepper to the gigantic corn and carrot soup which we finished it all up
luv the corn....super duper sweet!!!

chef tony and chef ang at work

 Yumz Yumz dinner.... =)  
the sky looked bright but it was already close to 8pm when this was shot...


Chef Ang preparing breakfast the next morning

happi to have a 万能 hubby... can study, can earn money, can do housework, can cook... i luv... heeee


Finally saw some animals on our way out 

but they were all so shy... took to their heels upon seeing our approach... =S 

Poppy plantation 

this farm stay was a one hour fifteen mins drive away from the town city and the most expensive one that we stayed in Tasmania... Yuan chose it as she was misled to think that we could play and camwhore with the 3000 sheep free roaming around the farm. 

However, we, especially yuan, were quite disappointed  that due to the large land space that is equivalent to that of sentosa, we didn't manage to come into any close interaction with the sheep... =S

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