Monday, January 6, 2014

Discovery Holiday Park @ Cradle Mountain - Tasmania accommodation 4

checked-out of Stanley and towards our next accommodation @ Cradle Mountain we went... =)

Happi Angs as passengers

as there wasn't any eatery at cradle mountain, we stopped by Woolworths, a supermarket, along the way to buy ingredients for our self-cooked dinner... =) 

love their trolley basket... and also the man pulling it... heee... luv his rainbow polo-tee too... =) 

i have been off chicken for the last 4 months in a bid to save my complexion so imagine my mega happiness when i realised that there's no added hormones to this pack of country style hot roast chicken.... =D

vegetables are so so so expensive... i get half a big rred plastic bag of this for only $2 back in school whenever our veg plot was harvested.... =S 


Address: 3832 Cradle Mountain Rd, 
Cradle Mountain TAS 7306, Australia

Price: aud $219 per night for 4 pax (whole cabin)  

outside of our cabin.. =) ... not too impressive ah???? 

but i like the cosy ranger feel of the cabin.... very back to nature.... 

two bedrooms... a little small with limited walking space 

with attached toilets 

the living room cum dining area 

the mini kitchen where we cooked up a storm ... =) 

Yuan was in-charge of the mushroom soup  

Happy with our appetiser - toasted bread with mushroom soup 


then we set to work again to prepare our main course with Mr Ang as the main chef, hereby to be called Chef Ang whenever he's photographed cooking and Yuan and I as kitchen assistants... =P 

How come no photos of Tony helping????? 

cos he was in-charge of documenting our cooking process la else where did these photos come from????? 

successful first attempt at cooking our own dinner.... Yeah!!!!

these photos were before all the sauces were added

good job everyone for a sumptuous dinner of pasta in tomato sauce, boiled potatoes and greens in garlic sauce and roasted chicken 

Cheers to our great trip, great companion and great food!!!!

Tuck in lo.... nom nom nom nom nom

mesmerising sunset for the cold cold night at 9pm

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