Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014

3rd year running for setting my resolutions for the year... =) ... and somehow it works at keeping me on track....

1) top of my list is definitely to stay HAPPILY married to mr ang kok ming and this encompasses many many small wishes such as being treated like a princess every day, still receiving my princess kisses, hugs and iloveyous more than once everyday, dun expect me to do housework when i dun feel like it (which is most of the time... =P), acknowledge my whines and complaints and act-cuteness with a yusocute reply..... wahahahaha.... oh mine.... i am such a demanding wifey.... poor mr ang.... =P 

2) continue with our once a term chua outing.... =) 

3) Enjoy my 60% art timetable.... yippy!!! after working so hard for the last 3-4 years at paving my path towards being art trained so as to have a more manageable timetable dominated by a subject i love to teach, i am finally getting it this year.... wahahahaha..... but just couldnt wriggle out of being the form teacher leh.... so now can only wish to be an efficient form teacher who dosen't eat into my math period to clear all the forms + money collections + form teacher duties bah.... =P ... 

did i mention that i am in the morning session in 2014???...bye to 5 years of waking up at 9am on work days... yawn!!!!

and due to unforeseen circumstances and higher authority's plan for me, my career path towards senior teacher-ship had been altered.... hope that i can juggle both my new portfolio and still slack at the same time.... wahahahaha.... it's a risky move as i am moving in a direction where i know i will start to hate my job and eventually just decide to give it all up like how i just quit my previous job all of a sudden.... so hopefully i stay sane and am no longer as impulsive as when i was younger with my job attitude or best to start loving my new job scope, which i highly doubt so.... wahahahahaha..... 

4) try to exercise a little more or eat, snack and bubble-tea a lot less so as to stay below 54kg.... losing 1 ~ 2 kg, losing my flabby arms and arm rests would be a bonus.... =)

5) lots of oversea far confirmed my trip to Maldives with mr Ang during CNY and in the mid of confirming the trip to US with joyce and casper in June and hopefully can join lene to Amsterdam in dec .... this year's travel plan sure look damn good and damn broke la.... heee... =) 

6) spend some time learning and practicing photography and take beautiful, meaningful and story-telling photos.... =) ... finally an art form that i like, dun mind spending my time on and end product doesnt take up spaces... oopx.... =) 

7) do some charity... lene introduced this website, sgcare, that allows people to just sign up to be volunteers for a wide variety of activities. Hope to at least participate in 2 of them in 2014. 

8) donate blood once in 2013 so aim to donate at least twice in 2014..... by right, a healthy adult can donate blood every 3 months making 4 donations a year the ideal number.... but knowing myself too well.... i will definitely dily daly especially during the teaching terms ... =P

9) Grow my hair long and donate them to be made into a wig for local cancer patients who are losing their hair due to chemotherapy .... 

Hair for Hope has been going on for a few years liao but i just don't have the courage to shave all my hair off... =S.... then i chanced upon this video of a p5 taiwaness boy who grew his hair just so that he could do his part for cancer patients. 

did a quick search online and was happy to find out that there's a non-profit project in singapore that collects donated hair. More info can be found on this blog page - recycled your hair

even happier to find out that an adult needs only about a year to grow the minimal length of 10 inches of hair with some needing as short as 6-9 months ... =)  

10) Blog readership to stablise above 500+ reads every day

11) Continue to meet up with P1 2012 pals (erni, hui miin, aqidah, raihanah, kuga, ai mei), NIE pals (mab, laurice, michelle, claire), SL pals (joyce, uncle yc, adele, seeling, patricia), NTU pals (xinying & vivian), RSS pals & associates (chunyang, ailing, yuan, tong, siew mei, francis, casper), meixiang, lene, charles, lewei and zhuan.... i hope i din leave out anyone's name.... muack this whole mass of friends around me.... muacksss.... 

12) Complete my Singapore's A to Z blog challenge which was started in May 2013 and left with 9 more letters (I, J, O, R, Q, U, X, Y and Z) to go.... 

That's all for now.... It's gonna be a GREAT 2014.... =) 

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