Friday, January 10, 2014

Salamaca Market


Hand in hand and off to Salamaca Market we went

which is located near the parliament building

the crowd at the market which was basically just an ang mo style pasar malam


actually nothing much here but since we drove 4 hours from cradle mountain just to come to this bazaar which only opens on saturday, i told myself i must get something out of it.... even more so after i fell and grazed my knee at the zebra crossing on the way to this bazaar... Jinx (4) of the trip... =S 

hence, was really happy to see this home sweet home deco at only aud$8 from one of the stalls... yet to put up at home sweet home though...=P 

merry kids enjoying themselves on the tiny green patch in the 'parade square'  
so carefree so stress-less so not starring at the tiny screen... =P 

decided to get a proper meal before our drive to our accommodation for Day 6 ... look look look and selected this bar cafe that was tucked in the corner of a street

2 fresh oysters with lemon juice and one with watermelon ... oysters had became a must try appetiser whenever they were available at the restaurants we patronised... 

fried calamari for me as i was too full from the sausage bun earlier on at the bazaar... 

miserable beer battered fish & chips for Mr Ang .. =S 

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