Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sorell Fruit Farm

got into a mini accident (Jinx 8) within half an hour of setting off for the day

much to our relieve that the driver was a super nice australian lady who immediately apologised and admitted that it was her fault for colliding into us and was willing to take responsibility of the damage.... 

as the car was still drivable, we continued our drive towards our first destination for the day;

Sorell Fruit Farm
174 Pawleena Road, Sorell, Tasmania


first stop


my first strawberry

after half an hour
not much 收获 as most of the strawberries were either unripe or infested with ants... =S

next stop:

rows and rows of cherry trees... was never a fan of cherry till yuan insisted that i should give them a try.... no regrets, fresh cherries are indeed very very sweet and yummy... =D 


super happy with our loot... =D


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