Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tahune AirWalk

Tahune Forest Reserve Geeveston, Tasmania, 7116

my suggestion: Go after 5pm on days when the sun sets late

with the forest giant 

Why is Mr Ang throwing a coin off the bridge??? 

cos there was a wishing tree right in the middle of nowhere....    

such an interesting way of asking for donation 

my favourite photo for the trip ... just cos mr ang looks so cute.... like what tony said, "Need to wish that hard anot?"... wahahahaha

I was forcing Mr Ang to form the letters;

~ L ~ 

~ O ~

~ V ~  

~ E ~

Fail big time la... we ended up looking like two jokers clowning around... wahahahaha


Mr Ang is a kissing monster... I like... oopx 


Mr Ang was a naughty boy!

the airwalk from below   

  so sweet lo this couple....   

this wasn't just a piggy back, take photo, jump off shot oh... it was a video of at least 15 seconds long. 

Mr Ang, why i no have???? =S

on the way back to apartment, we met Jinx 9 - speeding fine ... this trip is really 多灾多难 ah.... 

Mr Ang was driving at 121km/h on a 80km road... =P.... ticket was at aud$450 which the super naggy yet super nice traffic police decide to write it off with a caution after learning that we were in day 8 of 10 days in Tasmania without any previous speeding record, but not without a super long reprimanding session for Mr Ang.... 

couldn't help but gave mr ang a super black face a good 20 minutes cos i did ask him to not drive so fast since he was in a chain of suayness whenever he was behind the wheels.....

he was banned from driving for the remaining 2 days.... 真的是辛苦 yuan & tony 了.... 

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