Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tasman Island Cruise

Price: aud$125 per pax

super worth it...a super must try activity in tasmania 

table top briefing from the guide

excited duo on the bus to the port

our big speed boat

another round of briefing 

setting off

Two strawberry shortcakes ... wahahahaha

all geared up and ready to go

Handsome guide distributing ginger pills to prevent motion sickness.... so thoughtful of them!!!

rocks formed by the layers as they were pushed up from the seabed.... 

giant seaweeds

litters??? plastic bags in the sea???

there were actually jelly fishes 

amazing close up shots from Tony

tea break with chicken biscuits from the guide as well

spotted yantao on board.... oopx

where there were seagulls, there would be dolphins

gave up after a while as i just couldnt get a good shot with my compact camera....the dolphins were just too fast... 

solution: took a video instead.... =) 

and kooped tony's photos for showoff of what we saw on the cruise... wahahaha

WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just so WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! woah till lost for words la... it wasn't just a few dolphins, it was a school of at least 20 to 30 or even more dolphins who were chasing after our speed boat ... they would even u-turn back when we slowed down and stopped..... why they so friendly one???? so super adorable.... 

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