Sunday, January 5, 2014

the NUT state reserve & convict barracks

Nut State Reserve, Browns Rd, Stanley, TAS 7331, Australia

suka suka change opening and closing timing.... luckily we decide to check out the place earlier at 4+ instead of dily dely in our cottage after check in...phew

up, uP, UP the Nut in a chairlift we went

flying above the trees... =) 

view while on the chairlift ... just luv their beaches.... 

that's yuan & tony in front of us 

we took the NUT circuit which supposedly should take us only 30 minutes but due to the amazing view up on the NUT and the lack of photobombers, we took close to 2 hours.... oopx

sharing the amazing views first..... =) 

sharing some of our silly photos from the 2 hours of camwhore-ing too ... =) 

2 vainpots checking out themselves in each other's shades

naughty boys

mega thanks to Tony for lugging his dslr and tripod along for all these amazing shots

caught unaware with the same pose... =) 

Another video on the amazing view of Tasmania, Stanley Town with almost 3 calefare... heee

we were way off the closing time hence we had to  made our way down the NUT via the 430m steep track...


about 5-10 minutes drive from the NUT was 

just like the Parthenon in Athens,  the structure has been reduced to this miserable state 

i think this was how it used to look like long long ago 

aren't the straight edge trim of the trees more interesting than the structure itself??? 

another amazing tree nearby

There was a museum nearby but was close when we reached at about 6.15pm.... yes, all these photos at convict barracks were taken between 6.15 - 7pm.... sun sets was at 845pm ... =)

managed to see the whole NUT structure from this location ... still couldnt believe that the four of us spent so much time just on that flat plateau of the NUT.... heee 

spotted a lonely horse  

who very 给面子的 pose for the camera with me... heee

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