Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 2 in Maldives - Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Based on Annett's recommendation, we had two options to  find activities to entertain ourselves with for the day...

Option (1): Nine Star Water Sports
 a made shift area lined with lots of sails and tubes located at the tiny beach which was just in front of our apartment
 but it was not open for business when we went down to check at about 7.30am

Option (2): Sea House Hotel 
the only hotel on the island which was just a stone throw away from our apartment 

not much choice although the list stated otherwise as it was based on the number of signed up from its own hotel.... so in the end, we followed the majority and signed up for the day tour to Paradise Island at USD$153 (including tax) and got to enjoy what most tourists who travelled to Maldives experience... =S 

as we were early, we walked around the neighbourhood looking for a place to have our breakfast and chanced upon a small bakery; Brown Bakers, just beside SeaHouse

We bought some mini pizzas

and 2 cans of milo 

ALL the shops on this island, regardless of size and posh level, use the scanning system and computer as their cash register.... impressed once more!!!!

A not so enthu and heartache Mr Ang who had just paid usd$300... =P 

and a 坐享其成的 Mrs Ang who was glad the money was not from her..... wahahahahaha

took the speedboat 

Happi Angs who had decided to ignore the huge hole in Mr Ang's pocket and just enjoy the day.... =D 

and in about 20 minutes, we reached our destination  

where we were issued a visitor tag 

and a map to get around  

And yes, finally, finally saw the Maldives that i wanted....
coconut trees swaying in the wind, clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds, attap huts, transparent sea water that appears turquoise blue and white sandy beach.... 

to make our trip worth it, we took tons of photos....oki la, i took tons of photo and forced Mr Ang to take tons of photo of me.... wahahahahaha

fishy fishy

and a baby shark  

and another baby shark in gold

Then we saw the high-end sea front villas

Buggy service that drives you ride to your door step

 the cheaper beach front unit 

view from the beach front units 

 hermit crab

saw this promotion and since we had an hour before lunch, we decided to just laze at the bar/cafe and reward ourselves with ice-cold beer


a slightly tipsy us just after one beer each.... 

lunch time....buffet lunch included in the package

then it was a nap by the pool before a dip in the clear blue sea sea sea.... =D 

dosen the sea looks like a swimming pool from this angle??? 

was i glad to be here? 
yes... at least i get to experience what i wanted to experience.... 

would i choose to stay at this type of resort the next round? 
of cos NOT.... too expensive for my liking ... =P 

goodbye to the Maldives i knew from the internet.... basically, it's a super cleaned up place, just like Singapore, that has been marketed as if the whole of Maldives looks like a perfect beach holiday destination.... we are just like tourists who had only visited Sentosa and thought that every corner of Singapore is like Sentosa.... seriously, we have been duped la... 

everything at the resort is chargable, even the usage of the gym is at usd$4 per day.... snorkelling set of fins, life-jacket and mask at usd$18, life jacket alone was usd$6... i bet all the day tours out of the resort would be at exorbitant charges too...

looking at the menu and 'promotions' around, i assumed that not all meals are included in the room rates
plain rice is at usd$5 per bowl and miso soup at usd$7.... @#$%^*&^%#@#%#$@#$

i would just die from heart attack for paying for dinner every night lo.... =S 

it's impossible to travel out of the resort/island on your own unless you pay for the resort's speedboat service which confirm guarantee + chop would cost at least usd$120 per trip....

at this point, i am glad we had stayed at our tiny apartment on the local island.... at least we were not caged up in the fantasy world of Maldives and 'forced' to have expensive meals everyday.... 

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ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

Thats why u should find cheap airfare in the 1st place, dear. Then that extra can use for fun in Maldives :D