Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 3 in Maldives - Hulhumale Island

one of the best thing that came out from Day 2 trip to the 5 star Maldives resort was to meet a couple from Kuala Lumpur whom shared with us their day trip to a nearby island, Hulhumale, that fit into my kind of travel budget and yet still get to enjoy the clear blue sky, clear blue water and white sandy beaches of Maldives.... =D

so the plan for day 3 in Maldives was to check out Hulhumalé ... =D

first we took the 8 minutes ferry from villingilli to Malé at 3.25MVR (S$0.30) each...then we walked for about 30 minutes from villingilli ferry terminal to the main ferry terminal (which would cost 25MVR = S$2 for a cab ride) just because i wanna see the activities happening around the capital of Maldives.... 

first stop: fish market... 
first encounter with such huge fishes in their raw state... oopx.... 

all fresh and still wriggling and gasping for breath in the basket... =P 

second stop: a street of roadside vegetable stalls 

street art 

street/dot art created for voting purpose too.... 

3rd stop: fruit market 

4th stop: rows & rows of busy shop houses
loading and unloading through the window on the 2nd floor.... 

5th stop: the boat family 

passed by the president office too

finally reached the other end of the island and took another ferry from Malé ferry terminal to Hulhumalé at 5.50MVR ($0.45)

bikes are welcomed onto the ferry too... =) 

first impression counts..... i like what i saw the moment i stepped out of the ferry terminal.... =) 

then it got very familiar... trimmed scrubs... cleaned roads... trees and street lights along the roads... just like Singapore

even the buses looked familiar 


4th storey flats


found a small eating place to settle our lunch

it was a very small and 不起眼 eating place and the lights weren't even on

but it served very delicious food at approx S$5 - S$6 per main course 

Happy Mr Ang

 time for the beach after lunch 

as it was a local beach, bikini and other revealing attires are not allowed for ladies 

only pretend to enjoy the sea.... he was in for less than 15 minutes and told me it was time to go..... !@#$%^&*(&%!@#$%^&

another hermit crab spotted.... =) 

i had so so so so much fun in the clear blue water all by myself that i refused to leave and had to beg Mr Ang to let me play for another half an hour or so..... =P 

why was i by myself leh???? cos mr ang is just not a sea sea person and refused to get wet... =S .... so i was the only person who was dripping from head to toe all the way from the beach back to the ferry terminal as there was no public toilet at the beach.... wahahahaha.... 

but i am not complaining cos this shall be the island which i will stay on for my next maldives trip..... there are apartments available on island via airbnb, etc, free public beach that's so pretty with crystal clear water and white sandy beach and plenty of little shops where we can sign up for day tours and snorkelling trips at lower rates.... =).... i am very confident that i can make my next maldives trip to be less than $1k per pax, inclusive of food and activities.... and i will make sure that i come back with a group of friends or with the 3As so that there will be kakis to enjoy the sea and sea activities with me!!!!..... mr ang is just too safe for my liking on such trips.... =P 

took the ferry back to Malé but as it was still very early, we went for some coffee and desserts at the cafe just opposite Malé ferry terminal 

why looked so sleepy when you were only in the water for less than 15 minutes???? hmmmm..... =S

yummy desserts which was cleared within 5 minutes....  

nua for 2 hours before we went in search for another eatery for dinner 

a very burnt mr ang who refused to apply any sunblock.... 

we shared a plate of aglio olio as we were too full from the desserts earlier on... =P ... 

and had a good laugh when this plate of 4 hotdogs was served 
we had ordered grilled sausages.... hahahahaha.... 


 ending the trip's post with my pretty pretty flight ticket back to Singapore.....  


ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

Maafushi is the best island. No need to focus on airbnb. Over there u can bikini as this island actually more like hybrid island for me. Cheap coz public island but they also got bikini beach :D

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, if you want to visit places like Maldives, you have to be willing to spend on accommodations on exclusive private island resorts on water villas. It is expensive but this is the side of Maldives that most, if not all, tourists want to experience. I have visited Vilamendhoo (Half Board), Vakarufalhi (All Inclusive) and Club Med (All Inclusive) and have never been left disappointed. Definitely worth every cent. Not to mention that you need not have to worry about paying to snorkel at their house reefs, and worrying about where to have your next meal.

If traveling on a tight budget, Maldives is probably not the place to go.

Candy Chua said...

Such a harsh opinion. A first that i received after so many entries into my blog... But to each his own... i feel that being a budget traveller shouldn't stop me from visiting places that i want to visit in my own way... just like it's your choice to leave unnecessary comment on my blog, it's my choice to travel the way i prefer and to document them in my blog...

though this trip to Maldive was not as expected, i am thankful for the eye-opening experience of seeing Maldive in a different light...