Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jungira apartment - tasmania accommodation 7

Address: 24 Jungira Street Howrah 7018, Tasmania

Price: aud$190 for 4 pax per night (whole apartment)

pretty pretty flowers right from the owner's garden (i think)  

A happy chef ang and a relunctant chef lee

the bickering couple...=P

helping mr ang with the omelette

And after close to 1.5 hours of hard work, we prepared all these for our xmas eve 2013 dinner; 

beef cube that were a little overcooked on the outside yet raw on the inside... =S

yummilious pork chop

CHEERs to our friendship and a great holiday together despite all the hiccups along the trip... heee

Mr Ang was having so much fun with all the cooking that he woke up early to prepare a sumptuous breakfast for all of us the next morning ...and of cos, i had to help too... =S

Then he prepared chicken wrap for lunch 

Mr Ang gave the beef cubes a second try for xmas night dinner and it was a success, according to tony and yuan... hope they were not saying it just to be kind... oopx...both of them were like guinea pigs to Mr Ang's creation lo.... wahahaha 

Yucky tasting fish fillet which i was in-charge of cooking.... i am just not made for the kitchen....=S

beautiful sunset on xmas day to mark the end of our 10 day trip in Tasmania, one full of laughter, exploration, adventure and thrill... =)

We had bought sparklers and decided to do some long exposure shots using Tony's DSLR to commemorate our last night in Tasmania which was also XMAS day... =) 

the unsuccessful first trial: tiny 'x', messy 'm' and 'a' and a mega huge messy and tumbalik 's'

improvement on our second try

and the successful 3rd try... =) 

  before we moved on to form other 4 letter words and yes, we did form the famous 4 letter word too.... and it was just right before this.... oopx.... 

using our last few sparklers to form 'love' is in the air... =D 

love being in love with Mr Ang
thanks yuan and tony for the apple shaped heart.... wahahahaha.... 

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