Monday, February 10, 2014

Mount Wellington

the highest point in Tasmania and the only attraction 'opened' on xmas day... and that explained the tons of ppl we saw in any one attraction in tasmania for the whole trip too... 

the top down view of tasmania which i thought was okok only

photographer and model endangering their own life by climbing over the 'safety barrier' for their shots 

luv this photo... =*

met a 孙悟空 

nothing much to see or do so we left in less than an hour 

love their flexible use of the driving lanes to ease the traffic either way on the expressway.... something for Singapore to consider

Yeah...finally done with all the blogposts for Tasmania, a total of 33 posts and more than a month after we came back... =P 


except for chocolate, there wasn't really anything else to buy for family and friends .... so we were left with quite of sum of aussie $$$... and since it was xmas season, we spent a little on the plane....  

this sweet watch for Angela... turn out she's not a watch peron... =( 


Anonymous said...

How was renting car from redspot?Any issue?

Candy Chua said...

Nopx. No issue at all despite getting into a mini accident on day 8 of our trip ( Probably because we bought max insurance coverage for it as well.