Friday, March 21, 2014

Singapore's R stands for River safari

 fuzzy and less harsh due to the soft-touch effect of the camera... dun really like it as it looks really pixelated... =( 

entrance ticket at $25 each with an additional $5 for the boat ride  
entrance fee to tourist attractions in Singapore is really over-price lo... =S.... wonder how taiwan's zoo survive with a NT$60 (=S$3) entrance fee lo... 

if you dun wanna take the boat ride and want to avoid the long queue at the ticketing counter (we queued for approx 20 mins), you can purchase the entrance tickets online... to sweeten the online deal, there's a 5% discount too.. =) 

luckily the animals housed here are pretty interesting and not the usual ones that are housed in common zoos

fat, puffy, sleeping beavers 

the only clear photo of aquatic animal taken through the glass that day with my new camera... =S... 
was trying to act pro and had refused to use the auto mode.... this is really a case of "kiang tio ho, mai kay kiang".... wahahahaha

biggest species of puffer fish in the world... would love to see it puff up and float away.... =P

talking to me????

alligator with a 'ba-lu'ku' on its snout for courting purpose during the mating season

best hubby in the world for me

at the Panda enclosure  

welcoming us were two birdies who were at a cold war with each other.... oopx!!!

what bushy tail you have!!!

Happy (and fuzzy) us while waiting for Kai Kai, the male panda, to emerge from his den for his feeding time at about 2pm

趴趴熊.... so emo yet so cute 

moved over to Jia Jia's enclosure

She was walking round and round in circles.... machiam having a after meal stroll... =P 

anyway, a must try snack at the river safari cafe not because it tasted fantastic but just because it's so kawaii neh!!

two flavours - red bean paste & chocolate custard to choose from... at $2.90 each

i'm dressed in panda colour too.... =) 

reached the queue for the boat ride at 2.45pm ... sky was clear, a little cloudy but we thought that it should be fine for our 10 minutes boat ride at 3pm... 

but we were so so so super duper wrong started to drizzle at about 3.10pm.... announcement said that the ride would go on despite the drizzle and riders were encouraged to put on ponchos as umbrellas are not allowed during the ride... 

so Mr Ang went to purchase ponchos for both of us at $5 each... =S 

 by the time we reached the front of the queue, it was 3.45pm and it was pouring cats & dogs... and the ride was cancelled.... 


so near yet so far..... wasted one hour of my time queueing for nothing lo.... super upset.... we would have been able to take the ride if we were served according to the timing (3pm) stated on our ticket lo... or at least within half an hour!!!!

what's the use of issuing the timing of the boat ride on our tickets when the schedule wasn't kept to??? I think the operation team seriously needs to look into improving their processes in this area... =S

i wondered if i would feel better or worse if i was in the last ride out and got drenched ... Mr Ang would confirmed be very pissed though... =P .... 

overall, a very dissatisfied customer i am ... i wouldnt be so upset if it was raining at 3pm and the ride had to be cancelled due to the downpour.... i would just credit it to "we are suay lo" but to miss the ride because of their inefficiency and poor management was really too much even for 'angels' like me ... =S 

to appease our disappointment (a few kids were crying from the disappointment), we were  given gift redemption voucher

which were used to purchase this magnet at $6.90

and a plastic fan at $3

total 'spending' of $9.90 from a $10 voucher... i refused to do any top up for things i don't need and also refused to let them 赚 at my expense... =P

the storm was over by the time we completed our redemption...真的是 !@#$%^!@# 无缘  with the ride...argh!!!!! 

at the squirrel monkey enclosure
this pic reminds me of anisah... she has the see/hear/speak no evil monkeys as her watapps nick... =) 

ending the post with this heart-warming pic of a mummy manatee hugging her baby calf between her flippers... 
the naughty calf would try to wriggle out every now and then and mummy manatee would 'chase' after it made sure that she had her calf back between her flippers.... so adorable and so much luv... (*.*)


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