Monday, June 23, 2014

downtown Vegas - Sin City part 2

Our 3rd night was spent in downtown Vegas .... we stayed at Golden Nugget Hotel for about usd$49 + tax + resort fee of $5.65... a big cut from the $20++ of Harrah's the previous night

 me and a photo-bomber, xt along the corridor

The bar at the ground level  

one of the many artwork at the lift lobby 

The purpose of this pic below is to focus on the shark in the tank at the pool area.... 
so.... stop staring at the babe in the bikini..... wahahahahhaha

close up on the tank and the pool area at night 

it was our lost to check in on Tuesday else I would definitely sign up for this activity.... $30 for this kind of experience is considered rather cheap as compared to Singapore right??? 

Anyway, Golden Nugget is located right next to "Fremont Street Experience", a sheet full of push cart stores, souvenir stores which sells rather affordable items as compared to the main Vegas strip...

mints in casino chip metal containers for Alvin, the usual magnet travel magnet which i will get to doll up the fridge in home sweet sweet to 'record' down the countries/ attractions / places which i have 'conquered'.... wahahaha 

and lastly nail buffers for the nail princesses in my life... =) 

Giant Jackpot in Fremont Street

that was actually a flying fox station... so cool!!!!

this whole shelter is lined with screens.... amazing!!!! happened to be there at the right time (between 12mn to 1am) and was damn captivated by the experience though all the stores were closed by then....

street artists at work 

spotted the red sexy lady in the pic???? 

Now for the Vegas most of us are familiar with - Casinos and more casinos!!!  

was super happy that photography was allowed.... =) ...but din dare to take too many photos.... was afraid that the gamblers did not like it and would unreasonably 'blame' me for their loses with all my shutter clickings ... =P 

so educational seh..... hahahahaha

the pretty 'hot air balloons' above this table 

还可以一边喝酒,一边玩 jackpot oh....

Joyce's winnings!!!!

Joyce's cash-out for the night 

really see the jackpot rims turned till i saw stars ... din play any at all as i have a super low risk personality to even want to give any of it a try... i rather spent my money on shoppings..... heee

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