Thursday, June 5, 2014

Home sweet home - after 3 years

whenever anniversaries draw near, i cant help but think of how amazing it was for Mr Ang and i to meet with a love at first sight in June 2009, to our first date a month later, to being a couple another week later, to getting hitched within a year and a half and finally now, 3 years plus since we moved into home sweet home... 

and this home sweet home of ours is no longer as bare as before as i would try to 'doll up' certain areas with my private limited design skills every now and then.... 

we have changed our brown fabric sofa to a grey leather sofa in jan 2013, just after two years of shifting in. The fabrics was too hot for my liking and not comfortable for long period of 趴-ing....  =P 

this grey one is very cooling and comfy... even Snowy luvs it much much too .... she spends more time on it than Mr Ang and I lo.... =S 

we had also removed the curtains which was never once drawn and were collecting way too much dust... in its place were some artificial leaves which i bought from the market at $16 and 4 tea-light holders at $7.90 each from ikea

together with our grey sofa, we also bought a lazy chair in the same shade of grey, just cos Mr Ang insisted on getting it... he was literally bewitched by it.... =S.... and the deal was, he had to use it regularly else i would have the right to 酸 him for not optimizing it... =P 
the black object hiding behind the lazy chair is the docking station for our roboking, robotic vacuum cleaner aka miss korea, cos it sprout korean every now and then when it gets into sticky situation and needs assistance.... super duper cute lo... heee

we have also been collecting prints of painting of oversea attractions which we had visited since we moved in.... 
so far managed to get 6 from italy, florence and venice during our honeymoony in 2011 and 2 from tasmania last year.... would love to get some of taiwan too since it's like mr ang and my favourite travel destination but couldnt find any in our last two trips there ... =S ... hope mr ang would have better luck this july bah... cos i really hope to expand this area into a ceiling to floor panel... =) 

bought this country style clock at only aud$12 from the reject shop in tasmania.... =) ... 

it now hangs in our living room, replacing the previous black one which was moved into the dining room... =P 

slapped on some kitchen theme stuff and tatatata ~
looked very not coordinated.... but nvm, will improve as times goes by and when more things are added / changed.... 

anyway, mittens were from naraya from my previous trip to bangkok with mabel in 2012 that doesnt do what it was supposed to do.... it doesnt protect the hands from the heat at all lo.... (lousy!!!!) .... while the rest of the 'boards' were from tasmania at aud$5 each only... =D

luv the top right one:
I only have a kitchen 'cause it comes with the house

Another 'improvement' in Home Sweet Home is in our master bedroom.... the wall space right in front of our bed.... we had refused to waste money fixing another tv in the master bedroom.... so we gotten these three frames from Mini Toons at about $90 instead .... =) ..... 
have yet to look through all our photos from day 1 till now... will get to it soon (i hope).... heeee 

close up on our 洪家福... taken in dec last year

thinking of doing a 蔡家福 soon too.... i would prefer something less formal and more fun too.... =) 

Last but not least, our pair of 3 year old princesses.... =) 
Princess Snowy on the left while Princess Brownie on the right.... still as cute and as adorable as ever....  they are on total free roam status after proving that they can be trusted not to pee or poo around even when mr ang and i are not home the whole day.... =) 

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