Monday, June 23, 2014

plane + helicopter + boat rides @ Grand Canyon

excited and sleepy quads on the shuttle bus heading towards Grand Canyon 

coloured stickers to indicate the group in which we belonged to 

reflection of the huge fan on the window in the waiting area 

 interesting weighing scale that was part of the flooring... used to measure the weight of each passenger so as to determine the sitting position in the helicopter ride....  
i weigh a hefty 128lbs (58kg) ..... i choose to believe that i am still weighing 54kg.... and that the additional 4 kg was due to my camera + 2 lens, water bottle, jacket, wallets, wet wipes, tissue paper, face mist etc etc ..... oopx!!!! 

1st activity - plane ride 

Our pilot giving the safety briefing before take-off

and with a pull on the lever, 

we were on our way towards the Grand Canyon in a mini PLANE.... up, up and away!!!!
pretty awesome view from the plane

2nd activity - Helicopter ride  

ground crew signalling me to STOP TAKING PICTURE & HURRY UP!!!!.... oopx.... 

it was a rather short ride and soon we were at the base of Grand Canyon where there was a small shelter that provided us with the much appreciated cool mist and ice water.... temperature was a super duper hot hot 40+ degree Celsius 

Goodbye to the red 'dragonfly'.... =D

3rd activity - a short (5mins) hike to the river bank

4th Activity - a boat ride down the Colorado River

Summer, our boat guide

view from the boat ride

then it was a hike back to the shelter for more ice water

then another helicopter ride to the top platform of Grand Canyon... did i mention that i was sitting right next to the pilot???? heeee

machiam like playing game with a joystick.... wonder what were the buttons on the joystick for??? to launch missiles???? wahahahahaha.....  

our helipad

Collected our meal and skywalk vouchers  


a video from youtube on the skywalk 

Another magnet for the fridge.... =) and a keychain for myself 

collected the set meal for our lunch 

and had it at the outdoor (under a shelter of cos) cafeteria with a great view

Then it was another plane ride back to the starting point.... 

a total of 8 hours spent on activities that spanned over 海陆空...   and a usd$494 hole in my pocket.... super heartache but no regrets as it was a once in a life time kind of experience in a mini plane and a helicopter over the Grand Canyon, one of the 7 wonders in the world.... =)  

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