Sunday, June 29, 2014

Town of Bishop

The beauty of an unplanned trip was that we didnt know where we would end up at every night.... and for this 5th night of the trip, we just decided to stay over in BISHOP town just because it was the first town which we passed by when the sky started to get dark at about 7+pm ... =) 

temperature was at 40 degree Celsius when we reached so i could only image the temperature to be 50+ degree Celsius when we were at Death Valley during the afternoon .... now i know where did my black cha-ta nose came from.... =S 

The room with 2 queen size beds @ usd$97 per night inclusive of tax

retro phone.... i like!!!

Dinner was at a family run mexican restaurant 

yummy home-made nachos and salsa as appetiser 

i ordered a chef salad as i had too much snack during the drive.... 
big regret cos according to the other 3, food was finger-licking great!!!

as the night was still young, we decided to check out the bar which we spotted earlier on.... and it was one of the best decision made that day..... 

rather empty at about 9+ on a Wednesday night but was filled with 10+ patrons when we left at about 11+ that night 

the bartender who was super duper sweet to put my glass of lemonade on the house... =)... i must be one of the few idiots who walked into her bar ordering a lemonade.... =P 

woah... a real pinball machine @ usd$1 for 3 games of 3 balls each

then a few rounds of pool for them while i was busy utilising the free wifi to catch up with Mr Ang... =*

it was really an american way of chilling to end the night.... i like the experience .... =) 

GOOD morning the next morning!!!!!

The view in front of our room

and the awesome view behind ... 
was surprised to see the mountains sporting some white streaks.... were they snow???? hmmmm .... but didnt i just passed by a desert the day before???? double hmmmm..... 

anyway, cereal for breakfast 
at the small dinning area next to the recep counter 

before i ventured out on my own for an hour to get some stuff

the main road that passes through the town

Rusty's Saloon - the bar which we went to the night before 

Random junk art outside one of the shops 

super old school cinema with up to date movies.... 

went into one of the gift shops to buy some prints for home sweet home

and was excited to see the comic boxes which sheldon and gang from Big Bang Theory were always featured with

had wanted to buy some comics for Alfred and Alvin but gave up the idea as i had no clue what they read/ like.... =S

lunch was at this restaurant just because the sign stated that we SHOULD EAT there.... heee

though their food was fantastic but it were the interesting signages and boards all over the restaurant that interest me more... =) 

read the note attached to the gun... =P

Bye Bye Bishop, the cowboy town with great food and interesting shops... i am glad that i had the chance to stay in this kind of small town which will usually not be in a planned itinerary ... =) 

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