Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Universal Studio Hollywood - Part 1

Last day in the states was spent in 

Parking ticket to remind us where our ride was parked at ... it was necessary cos (1) there are many different carparks (2) as indicated, there are 7 levels in this one which we were parked at and (3) each level is humongous (4) "aisle" here dosen mean row... it means an area of at least 100-200 cars with multiple aisles in between.... 

look at the crazy number of people on a Thursday  

Our minion tickets - mine was TOM

it was a 3 day pass that cost us usd$79 each.... 

sad that the ticket was not transferable as finger scan was needed for entrance... =S 

first activity of the day

Happy to see that the performers would not touch us... =D

blur but artistic photos from inside the horror house

people were just screaming and screaming and screaming all over while i was trying damn hard at reminding myself that the performers would not touch me so there wasn't any need to be that frightened.... but at the same time, i was looking out super seriously for any sudden movement or shadows which would indicate that the performers would be jumping out at us soon... 

Thank god the walk only lasted for about 5 minutes or so.... no enjoy this kind of 自己吓自己 feeling.... 

Super thankful for all the cool zone that were set up.... it was an extremely hot day and these cool mist really made my day....  

crew dressed as the more handsome version of Dr. Nefario... ;P

stylo malo 3D glasses

这真的是一个你咬我,我  你的世界!!!

it's a 4D mini roller coaster ride

Apollo 13 with Kim

and Joyce

confirmed drenched 

Bigger than life-size Optimus Prime and Bumblebee that could interact with the visitors ... they were both super chatty & witty and would 酸 the people who either ignored their attempt to start a conversation or didnt know how to respond to them.... hahahahaha

(video credit: HHNPhamtom)

managed to watch all the shows at Universal Studio Hollywood, starting with the one at WaterWorld !!!

i bet there were at least a few thousands people 

No one wanted to sit at the SOAK ZONE... wahahahha

The naughty crew who were spraying water at the audience 


Show number 2

all the animals were cute max.... most of the photos in this show were blurred due to the movement of the animals.... =S 

More photos from Universal Studio Hollywood in the next post... =)