Sunday, July 6, 2014

5th first date anniversary

 it was on Youth Day Monday, 6 July 2009, that we met formally with the intention to know each other better... and since then, it has become our habit to celebrate our first date anniversary on Youth Day Monday every year cos it was a school holiday for both Mr Ang and me... =) 

However, it's no longer possible from this year onwards as Youth Day Monday has become a working Monday for Mr Ang so we decided to just just make do with a dinner at a place which we had never been to before

googled and decided on:
Akashi @ Orchard Parade Hotel 

very yummy appetiser... so yummy that Mr Ang ate mine while i was busy taking pictures... =S 

my first try with Edamame.... not my type of beans 


tonkatsu set for me 

sashimi set for him 
 and all these amounted to $90+.... i would say it was a little too expensive for my liking but since it was Mr Ang's treat, i shall keep my mouth shut.... heee

anyway, Happy Angs after dinner.... =) 

Life has never been so peaceful and filled with so much love until you just appeared out of nowhere on that fateful night and insisted on becoming my prince charming.... =) 

thanks to always acceding to my princess requests no matter how ridiculous and nonsensical some of them are... =P 

thanks for making me laugh every single day

thanks for being so consistent in loving and pampering me every day

thanks for forever being so supportive in my decisions and never trying to interfere in what i want or dun want to do.... 

thanks for doing the housework that i hate to do...

and lastly, thanks for loving me for who i am.... =*

conclusion for the day: my htc desire takes damn lousy photos... =( 

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