Sunday, July 6, 2014

Groveland & Target

stay for the 6th night 

free coffee and tea corner ... so sweet of the host... =) 

the surrounding

our ride parked just outside our cabins 

interior of the cabin at usd$99 per night 

this choice was made based on the recommendation of a lady we met at the supermarket in the area

Pinatas on sale!!!! I wanna whack one too!!!

Dinner was a simple fare at a nearby restaurant....  

super bad habit of snacking too much during the drive that i ended up with no appetite for dinner..... so just ordered some fries which turned out great..... tasted even better than my favourite fries... =D 


The next moring:
The drive out of Groveland and towards Sans Francisco was long and winding 

stopped by A&W for breakfast 

Kim got her free float from participating in a survey... =)  

saw a strawberry booth along the way  

and happily paid usd$7 for this 3-in-1 combo 

sweet sweet strawberry.... i like.... finally healthy snack instead of the usual chips... heee

and along the way, we saw a mega TARGET store.... a must go place if you are into facial products, accessories, basic tops and bottoms, household products, diy art stuff..... 

there were so many things that i had wanted to buy:

i had wanted to buy ALL the washable paints, crayons that were selling at a third of the price in Singapore then i remembered i cant do any school claim for oversea purchase. 

 I had wanted to buy the boxes of thank you cards that were so pretty and dainty and so freaking cheap then i remembered that i still have cards in my art box which i bought from bangkok two years ago and have yet to use them.

I had wanted to buy that pretty pretty beach hat which i know i will never ever wear for fear of it being blown off by the wind or that it dosen match my t-shirts and shorts attire for all beach holiday... =S

I had also wanted to buy the neutrogena electric cleanser that was selling at half the price in Singapore only to remind myself that i confirm wun use it more than twice due to my extreme laziness at skin care.... 

I had wanted to buy that box of eye shadow which comes with a step-by-step instruction in creating large eys, smoky eyes, puppy looking eyes, sparkling eyes etc etc then i have to tell myself to wake up my idea as beside concealer and mascara, i dun put any other make-up at all.... 

so you can image the amount of negotitation and debate that was going on in my head while i browsed through the rows and rows of products, picking items up wanting to buy them then listen to my mind and heart debating on whether to get it to finally putting most of the items back onto the shelves cos the mind ALWAYS wins..... 

so in the end, i only bought some pretty nail polishes for friends,
lene took the green one, 

a watch for f-i-l 

a princess sticker set for tessa and
some acai chocolate in blueberry flavour for vivian

and even with such little stuff, i spent usd$40+ ..... my pocket really has to say a big thank you to my over domineering mind who always say NO to the things that the heart wants to buy....  

Lunch was at a Pho restaurant near to target

mega happiness when we saw the familiar bottles of chilli.... =) 

casper and his LARGE bowl of noodle soup

the smaller bowl on the left was my bowl of wanton mee.... which brought me so much happiness.... =D.... just luv soupy meals.... 

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