Thursday, September 11, 2014

Singapore's G stands for Garden festival 2014

rare rare occasion where mr ang had the time off from giving tuition on weekends to entertain my love for festivals so must grab and off to the Garden Festival on 23 August we went.... =) 

Happy Angs...okay la... is a happy mrs ang and a 舍命陪夫人的 mr ang.... =D 

there was a OCBC card 15% discount promotion on top of the local resident rate of $14 each ... =D 

it was kind of difficult to take good pics due to all the lightings, the huge size and the lack of patience on my part to try to get the right camera settings... and it was also too crowded to have the luxury to stand in a no kenna blocked zone to snap and re-snap and re-re-snap away.... so for official photos of the display, do check out the main website

magnificent supertrees spotted on our way out....  

they are really pretty aren't they??? 


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