Thursday, September 11, 2014

Happi Teachers' Day 2014

took a hiatus from celebrating teachers' day last year as i was doing my advanced diploma in NIE... din even have the time nor the energy to pop by for the teachers' day dinner which was held at traders hotel.... could still remember how overwhelmed i felt during that period with all the assignments and homework.... =S 

Part 1: Teachers' Day Reception @ Istana

this year's celebration started with a nomination by p to attend the teacher's day reception held at the Istana.... "wow"...such an honour as coined by vp though i would very much prefer to be appreciated in march every year ....hahahaha.... kaching kaching ($_$) practical style is more my style... =P 

was super happy to meet these 2 lovely ladies, Sharon and Melissa,  at the function... thankful for having NIE batchmates.... heee

food was acceptable but dessert was more yummilicious!!!

managed to get a glimpse of Mr Tony Tan, Mr Heng Swee Keat and other officials while they went around interacting with the teachers, superintendents and students.... 

afi: please provide chairs for all.... TYVM

Part 2: Class Bonding Time

had 1.5 hours to be spent with my form class before the ACES day workout and the concert.... initial 'lazy' plan was to let my kiddos watch a cartoon movie DVD but thought the kids might get a little too restless from just sitting around so i decided to use the time to do some art.... 一举两得.... i get to complete my art curriculum and every kiddo had fun and could chit chat as they worked.... every one felt successful, competent and was proud of their own creation by the end of the day ... perfect activity on my special day.... 

more photos on this series of art lesson on wax resist with my tooty two twos on animal prints party hat when i am free... =P 

with Mdm Zakiah, my forever bubbly art mentor, just before the concert march-in... =) 

Part 3 : School celebration @ Re Hotel!

table gift, a wine glass charm, which i mistook as a belly ring.... wahahahaha  

sitting with my art camaraderies, Aster and Ain... they are the special ones whom make my work so so so much more manageable.... 


the mega lucky table with fabulous colleagues...jimmy and judy won the second and third prize at the lucky draw and we also won the table game of transporting red bean with chopsticks at mega speed.... in fact we were all winners as the organising committee ensured that all of us went home with a small gift each.... 

and with this lucky number, i gotten a $10 starbuck gift card... =) 

what a surprise i had when i saw Claire opening the door to our function room... she was celebrating the occasion with her school just next door and had came looking for me ... heee..... 

Part 4: A movie date with Mr Ang

took a nap after all the celebrations and Mr Ang took me out for STEP UP ALL IN after his work... happiness!!!

a movie i had been wanting to watch since i watched the trailer  months months months back.... and the happiest part is that MOOSE (adam sevani) is back in the show as a main cast .... =D

in all my years of drama chasing, i had always fall in 'love' with tall, skinny, cute boyish chinese actors such as zai zai, guo pin chao and even aaron yan.

Adam Sevani is the first ang mo actor whom i ever fell in love with....wahahahahaa.... it's more of his 'lazy' style of dance moves that i find oh so very the cute.... awwww ...

the moment when i fell in love in 2008 (step up 2) ... heee... he was only about 15 or 16 back then 

Part 5: The day itself 

celebration starts with a 自然醒 then an impromptu lunch date at vivo with lene as it was her birthday too.... =) 

then i pampered myself with my first ever gelish menicure at Nail Palace at Hougang Mall .... 

nail art design was supposed to be paw prints but nail artist didnt really know the proportion of the toes and the main paw well enuff so it ended up looking like dot designs....wahahahaha....  this pic was taken about a week after the nails were done .... so far still so good.... 

ended the day with a trim and a hair wash @ Jean Yip @ Hougang Mall which i thought the service wasnt too fantastic... =S... for the price i paid, i would expect to be given a much much better head message during the hair wash..... =S 

A blessed teachers' day and am thankful for the extra day of school holiday.... =) 

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