Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hatchday Celebration (1) - level tooty colleagues

It is a tradition for the level that I am in to celebrate the birthday of the level teachers... and this year, the early october baby (me) got to celebrate my hatchday together with the two late september babies (li boon and xiao mei) ... =) 

the celebration was on 2 October, the day of Children's Day Celebration, hence our 'costumes'... we had put up a performance for the Children's Day concert earlier on 

thanks liling for the video... =) 

class of "2 Patience" with our form and co-form teacher, Miss Erni and Mdm Zakiah.... wahahahaha

and with our class superhero, Mr Mus 

monkeying around with my favourite partner in crime, Hui Miin 

There was a "Fight against Dengue" booth in the concourse so we went to check it out and took polaroids with the Frog mascot 

selfie time

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