Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hatchday Celebration (2) - RSS

Been hearing much and seeing much via facebook on this trend on eating off the table, i insisted on giving it a try...  

 so off we went to cajun king at Jalan Riang @ Serangoon area 

free valet parking services so no worry about parallel parking or insufficient parking space in the private estate.... 

20 years of friendship ... hurray to more... =) 

brought Angela along after accompanying her to register for the Professional Makeup Artistry by Cosmoprof Academy

so anyone interested in engaging her for bridal or stage make-up starting from Jan 2015, can contact me!!! I am a self-declared agent for her.... heee

the crab pounder and some lime for the seafood

yuan's favourite calamari 

and my favourite fried frog legs.... totally satisfied my craving for fried chicken..... yummmzzzz 

one bag of dungeness crab vs one bag of snow crab.... dun know which is which though.... just eat!!!!... wahahahahaha

corn was super sweet and juicy.... i like.... =) 

we were the only table that poured out everything onto the table though.... here we have, Chef Teo breaking the crabs into consumable portions.... 

totally enjoyed this kind of messy and unique way of having a meal with a group of pals... =D 

found a mini in the one of the bag.... poor thing.... 

and my Mr Ang who came late after work but still in time to savour down all the goodness..... 

total damage was $380 for 6 of us.... a tad pricy... but i guess most crab meal cost this much?!?!?!?!

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