Saturday, October 4, 2014

How we get fat together?

realised that i have many random photos in my phone and my camera that i took whenever i am out on a Saturday food date with Mr Ang.... it's really a compilation on why happy couples get fat together especially on this little food haven island, Singapore... =)  

TOM YUM KUNGFU @ Chomp Chomp 

luv the unique ambience decorated with all the colourful bottles 

and the cement tables and bench (on the other side of the table)... 

my favourite mango salad 

He cooks

I eat... heee

SHUN LI PRAWN MEE @ Blk 226 wet market 

took picture not because it was damn yummilious... but just because it was the only choice for every Sunday's breakfast from when i know what breakfast was till i was in my early 20s... i literally grow up eating this...

a trip back there brought back so much memories of my childhood... was giving a tour to Mr Ang on where my family clinic was, how good my family doctor was, treating me from the usual fever and cough to my acne problem, which stalls does mummy used to go to to buy her wet market stuff, how i love to wait for mummy at the indian curry powder stall just so that i can watch him mixed the different coloured powder together and all the other chua's funny memories that happened at this market long long ago... 


a sleepy pair on our way out for weekend brunch 

my super yummilious banana french toast with bacon... one of the cafes where i will definitely return to for brunch... =)  

initial plan was to go to Habitat at Thomson road but the queue was ridiculously long la so we popped into another cafe that's along the same stretch... we were not disappointed 

my "happy" face pancake set... =D 

Mr Ang's 

FAT BOY'S @ Thomson Road

all day breakfast for moi

Mac & Cheese for Mr Ang 


Garlic Prawns with butter rice for me 

and steak with pepper sauce for him


on one of Mr Ang's visit to the temple and under the influence of the slogan "饼皮薄,人情厚" from the 9pm show at that time, we decided to check out this Tau Sar Piah shop which was just next to the temple... 

the open concept kitchen located just next to the cashier counter... any one who goes into the shop will be able to view the 做饼师傅 at work... every single tar sau piah is hand made while chatting.... heee... super family style

we bought a variety of flavours - yam, sesame, lotus etc... each was selling at less than a dollar 

not really a fan of tau sar piah but according to Mr Ang, it was passable 


been having a bad habit of popping by the dessert cafe in hougang/ serangoon area.... we are just spoilt for choices

durian lava cake from ice-edge cafe which was meh meh only.... the mao shan wang ice-cream which came along was satisfactory... =) .... 


my favourite dessert place at the moment... luv it for their unique red velvet and charcoal waffles....  

can you see the black charcoal waffle that's just below the ice-cream??? heee

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