Sunday, October 5, 2014

Singapore's Y stands for wheeler's Yard

oh mine oh mine... the last post i did on the Singapore's A to Z blog challenge was in May this year... haven been very active in trying to complete the last 3 letters in the challenge... i better get my lazy butt moving as i really want to complete this challenge that i had started for myself in May 2013.... 

This post is on wheeler's Yard, a bicycle concept cafe located at a 鸟不生蛋的地方,  28 Lorong Ampas, .... i thought we were lost when Mr Ang drove into the industrial area lo .... 

i really 佩服 those who travel to such ulu cafe by public transport 

knew that it's a bicycle concept cafe but din know it's a bicycle shop as well....  

a pre-assembled bike on one of the wall 

reminded me of Ursus Wehrli, an artist who is famous for 'tidying' or 'cleaning' up art as show below

another wall decorated with colourful cycling helmets... 

it's communal eating style at the main table

view from my seat 

Just like in Harry Potter... wahahahahaha

Mr Ang's usual cappuccino with my childhood favourite icing biscuits

grilled chicken with mushroom and asparagus for him

and Otah burger for mi....luv the salad and the otah.. fries so so only but were great with the mustard sauce provided... heee

a happy cafe hopper ... =D 


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