Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yuan's & Tony's Wedding - Dinner reception

the dinner recep was held at Carlton and i was tasked  to do the deco of the recep area .... 

slogan from me, design from my art mentor..... like i always say, i may be an art teacher and the school art coordinator but in no way, am i an artist... so i had to rope in my colleague for help....such a pretty signboard right???? How i wished i had seek her help for my own wedding too.... 

bought some scrapbooking paper and stickers from paper mart just a day before the wedding and a "class fund" box was created as the ang bao box on the wedding day itself ...  cant help that i always work best at the last minute.... rope in 蔡小妹 to help too... heee 

motivational stickers in yellow school bus packaging that were bought at science centre during one of the learning journeys a few years back came in handy on this happy occasion too...

 conical flasks were loaned from the school science lab... =P

instead of the usual sitting arrangement list, they have it as a class attendance.... =) ...and we are seated at table 23 with chunyang as our class monitor.... wahahahahaha.... 

and for all my "creativity", i was awarded with another pink packet...  真的是恭喜老爷,贺喜夫人啊!!!!..... dun i sound like a 媒婆instead?!?!?!?!.... wahahahhahaha

Hubby came early and we took a welfie before everything starts 

i assume the above pic was taken during or just after this segment below... blush blush blush 

for dunknow what reason, i particularly luv this photo of yuan, me, casper and yuan's sister

姐妹们 with the bride

RSS gang with the couple 

Yeah... 第四对开花结果了!!!

the stuff that got me really excited at the dinner recep.... photo booth.... heee

one with the  姐妹s

and another one with the RSS gang

first march-in with bubbles.... 

was really having lots of fun at the photo booth that i went and took 2 more in between the dishes.... oopx 

yes, 蔡妈妈 was at the wedding too upon yuan's father's invitation and was seated at a different table from 蔡小姐.... 

second march-in

the one of a kind 交杯酒 with beer for the newly wed whose love blossomed over beer every friday after work ... =) 

 after thoughts:
i was more stressed up over yuan's wedding due to having to do the recep deco with my pte ltd 'artistic skills' than my own wedding where i had everything taken care of by Mr Ang, his band of brothers and my troupe of 姐妹s.... i definitely had lesser sleep the night before ur wedding than my own wedding too... hence the dark eye rings.... 

but i really enjoy myself lots.... thanks for the opportunity to be so involved in your wedding.... cheers to 20 years of friendship and the many more that comes and do consider Mr Ang and me as ur travel kakis whenever possible too... i promise i will try to nag him into a safer driver..... heeee

祝一辈子的幸福, 恩爱与甜蜜... =*

Photo credits: 
Yuan's official photographer - Leslie Photography
And the many amateur photographers with handphones... =) 

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