Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yuan's & Tony's Wedding - Gate Crash

Yuan was my wedding 姐妹 3 years ago and it was my turn at hers a month ago.... luv this vice versa role cos it really means a lot to me.... =*

Yuan's make-up was already done by the time i reached her place at 7am... 

her make-up artist was really good... Yuan's make-up was in prefect condition throughout the day and she looked really sweet that day too... 幸福的女人最漂亮... =) 

2 busy "students" of the bride rushing to complete the 'homework' of the day... =P 

student Candy preparing a PSLE 4-marks word problem for the groom and his 6 "students" who couldn't make head or tail of it at all.... tsk tsk tsk for Mr Lee and a waste of my brain cells to modify the question until  the answer is 37  which is yuan's shoe size...

student Wen writing out the timetable of the day under the supervision of our class moniter, student Pei  

a very pretty and happy Ms Aw all ready to be picked up by Mr Lee

yes, you should have noticed by now, by the bride's order, all the 姐妹s  were decked out in AJC uniform with geeky spects.... three of us were wearing our personal spect hence they were not as humongous as those Yuan had prepared for us... =P 

上课了!!!and to prevent the teacher and the students from dozing off during class, we provided them with cheerful green acupuncture mats to stand on.... =D... so thoughtful of Pei... heee

Lesson 1: Physical Education 

push up component 

yoga component 

teamwork component - 齐心合力吹出答案

no.37...... correct!!!! 

Lesson 2: Food & Nutrition 

A healthy breakfast  

Yuan's super cute niece whose favourite food is tomato chipped in to  help the boys  ... =D

Lesson 3:  CCA time.... Mr's Lee favourite pastime

Find the missing tile in the ice-bucket inspired by the ice bucket challenge 

Lesson 4: 大合唱 for the hokkien song 歡喜就好

their singing was so atrocious that yuan's auntie decided to give them a helping 'voice'

then this unruly bunch of gangsters just pushed through the 姐妹s and crashed into the WRONG room.... wahahahahaha....

but eventually still managed to find the treasure of the day.... =)


wedding car on the way to Seletar Reservoir for more photo taking  

and in Wen's car, our busy class treasurer was counting the coins in our 'class fund' 

our 收获还真不错... and yes, our 收获 included the 4D tickets, and no, the number 0609 wasn't among the winning number that night.... 

was super excited when we saw this drone which the videographer was using 

while the photographer was busy with the couple 

we were busy taking wefie too.... heee


 祝百年好合, 天天都甜甜蜜

when our powers combine, we have captain planet.... wahahahhaa.... just joking.... merely showing off our loom bracelet which tony's niece had made for all of us... heee 

final photo of the day session

Photo credits: 
Yuan's official photographer - Leslie Photography
And the many amateur photographers with handphones... =) 

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