Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hatchday Celebration (6) - with the Chuas

it's a yearly event to receive 1-for-1 voucher at The Square @ Furama from Prudential during my birthday month...thanks to Jess again... hee

selfie in the car... =D

wefie...sort of...heee 

look at the plate of tuna..... and all the prawns.... bet the boys were thrilled and super satisfied with the meal.... 

they also had at least 4 plates of chilli crab with many many mantous

 i wasnt feeling very well so was super happy with just having watercress soup 

and porridge with free flow of  pork floss 

no matter how sick i was, ice-cream is a must have...heee.... especially when there's cone... =D

did a lousy job at taking pics of the food as i was really feeling lazy.... so do click on this blog to see a better write-up of the food at furama by some random blogger i found .... the food at furama for the 1-for-1 deal is definitely worth a go.... =) 

with 蔡 mummy


with 蔡三

who got me this

cute max.... luv luv

with 蔡小

and finally with my 宝贝

our 蔡家福


Angela Chua said...

蔡三宝 look very tired..

Candy said...

cos 蔡三宝 was the only one who needed to work that day.... wahahahaha