Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hatchday Celebrations (3) - with hubby

much to my reluctance, Mr Ang insisted on bringing me out for dinner on my actual hatchday which was a working Thursday.... so i had to rush home after work just so that i could nap and not feel too grouchy or energy-less that night when we were having dinner... wahahahaha

he knew that i hate to queue, especially so on a working day and even more so when the following day was also a working day... so we ended up in a quiet bistro along upper thomson road... =) 

my favourite boy with his growing eye bags and sleepy eyes after a long day at work.... oopx!!!

and a very tired looking mrs ang with equally huge eye bags as well 

still dun understand why do we need to have birthday meal on the actual day since both of us were so tired from work.... still have to "dress up", get out of the house, drive 20 minutes, spent one hour on food then another 20 minutes drive home ...  but i do appreciate the love and thoughts.... muackz muackz!!! 

but maybe for next year, we can make do with a dinner at anyone of the coffee shops opposite our home sweet home and sweeten the deal with a cup of bubble tea instead k? such photo-worthy should be kept for the weekend okay??? #hard-to-please-wify

anyway, interesting manner that the soup was served.... in a mug ...just so that it would stay hot for a longer duration... =) 

caramelized pork chop with grilled mushrooms... presentation 2* out of 5 but yummilious level is 4*.... i love the tender and juicy pork chop much much.... 

mac & cheese which was a little too jelat for my liking

Mr Ang tried and luved it... 

while i luved luved their Crème brûlée

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