Thursday, December 25, 2014

of playnation & escape room with 2012 P1 chers

our love affair with playnation began in nov 2012

then one more time in nov 2013

and the 3rd instalment in nov this year... erni wasn't able to join us due to her shingles.... =S 

luv the spacious room with the beanbags... =D 

had so much fun playing the silly rabbit game till our hands were aching lo.... 

but we shall carry on this tradition year after year till we can no longer shake our arms vigorously okay?!?!?!?!.... wahahahaha

we had so much fun together that we just had to meet up for another round just before school reopens... =) 

off we went to Roomraider @ Orchard Central...
We challenged the "Where's Cuddles" room which has a difficulty level of 4/5

and succeeded...woohoo!!!!

 impt tips for this room: go with someone who is good at listening to notes.... thanks Hui Miin & Xiao Mei

wefie while queuing for llao llao....

verdict: I still prefer yumi yoghurt.... cheap and yummy!!!

PS: Raihanah, i luv ur camera phone!!! 

see all of u next holiday!!!

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