Saturday, December 13, 2014

Singapore's Z stands for Zoo

Have been wanting to go to the zoo just so that i could blog about it under letter Z in my Singapore's A to Z blog challenge.. hee... so was super happy when i heard that michelle was going with her two princesses... i just had to tag along!!! 

thankful from this online promotion... i only paid $22.40 for an adult ticket and the best part was that i could skip the ridiculously long queue even though i reached in the afternoon at 1.30pm.... 

took my own sweet time to enjoy my walk through the zoo before meeting up with michelle and the gals at the kidz world

humongous crocodile (false gharial) which can grow up to 5m long... i think this one here is only about 3m long?!?!?!?!

super smelly yet at the same time super adorable otters..... 

these cute fellows just had to travel in a pack.... one goes, all follow!!!

act 一个 fierce... =P.... must be too naughty that's y got whack till got red eye lo!!!

baby hippopotamus was super actively marching in the river bank from left to right then right to left... thrilling all the kids and the young at hearts.. =) 

Red River Hogs.... so not pretty de!!!

A happi family of kangaroos

cheery 'artwork' on display... i like!!!

STRETCH that trunk!!!!

The 羊 meh meh @ Kidz World

Look at that BUTT!!!! why in such a pretty shade of pink and purple that i would have done to my hair if i am not a teacher?!?!?!?!?!... wahahahhaha

chanced upon a mouse deer in the fragile forest enclosure... it was really really close to the pathway which we were on... was rather surprised that it didnt run off as i tot mouse deer should be rather timid...

super active meercats that couldnt keep still!!! zooming in and out, on and off the log non-stop!!!

mama orang utan with a baby on its back

forgot what was this but it looked so furry and huggable

So happy to be at the Frozen Tundra during feeding time... =) ....first time seeing an 'active' polar bear munching on crunchy frozen meat!!! 

Racoon dog, another cutesy pom pom creature in the frozen tundra munching away on a drumstick

I really like the zoo.... the next round i go, i will make sure i do my homework on all the show times, the feeding times... probably i will just join in the feeding trail.... 一边走,一边喂,一边拍照... i like!!!

the entourage taking shelter from the rain!!!
Thanks michelle for giving me the motivation to go to the zoo this hol... =) 

only regret--> i forgot to buy a zoo magnet for my fridge... =(


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