Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stock-take 2014

with reference to my list of resolutions crafted at the beginning of this year:

1) Yes, I am still happily married to Mr Ang
How can i not be happy when Mr Ang still:

- puts me as his priority
- puts driving me to school as his resolution for 2015 
- luvs me for who i am
- luvs me in the manner i like 
- is very patience with my nonsense, attitude and nagging 
- does most of the household chores 
- cut down on his weekend tuition so that we can spend more time to go for brunch, go on dates or simply just to nua at home sweet home together.... =) 
2) Hmmm, we did try to maintain our once a term chua family outing (on top of all the meet-ups for food).... but ah, the 2 still studying As are a hell lot busier than the 3 working adults at home la.... i dun rem being so busy as a student lo... not even when i was in uni....and i was travelling quite a bit also in June (to US) and in Sept (to BKK) ... heee... so i'm proud to say we hit 50% of our target... oopx!!! 

December - Royal Caribbean cruise to KL

3) I did enjoy my 60% art timetable as it is the first year that i am teaching P2, P3, P5 and P6 art.... it was great fun testing out my art curriculum myself, making plenty of adjustments along the way, adding lots of other ideas picked up from FB articles (I luv FB).... hahahaha

but at the same time, i was rather stressed up with 40% of my timetable teaching my form class math. I had the tendency to lean towards completing all my math marking first before spending any extra time after that to reflect and improve on my art lessons.... as a result, i clocked 12 hours shift of work on at least 80% of the work year.... which was ridiculous for a person like me la... no like OT... =S 

4) suppose to exercise a little more (din happen at all) .... eat, snack and bubble tea a lot lesser (sort of).... i try to abstain from rice (carbo) during dinner, have lesser fast food.... compared to my younger days on having chips and twisties on almost a weekly basis (daily basis during exam period), i think i am doing pretty good in this area with chips only once a month?!?!?!.... cutting down on bubble-tea-ing is a little more difficult though... especially when i am addicted to the passion fruit green tea with aiyu from woobee which is just next to hougang mall.... to compensate for this, i am having it at 25% sugar level only ... =) 

5) this is the year with lots of overseas trip
.... happiness max!!! 

Feb - Maldive with Mr Ang

June - USA: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Sans Francisco with Joyce, Kim & Casper 

Sept - Thailand: Bangkok with Wai Yee and Li Ling 

Dec - Royal Caribean cruise with Mr Ang, Alfred & Alvin 

6) wanted to spend some time learning and improving my photography skill... signed up for a 6 sessions workshop with STAR only to have it cancelled...why?!?!?!?!... 

at least i took my first step in getting my first ever "DSLR" - Pen Lite E6 and even brought it along for my US trip... played around with only the basic modes though... taking photos that met my expectation = zero..... quite guilty of not being more adventurous with it or did any homework on using it to its best potential.... will try to work harder at improving my photography skill (soon) ... =P

(7) target was to be involved in 2xCIP in addition to the 2 hours of CIP for staff at Sree Narayanan Home in June... =)

but only managed to clock one....
volunteered at  Singapore Christian Home, an old folk's home in Woodlands, in April with Mr Ang and Charlene... celebrated the April's 'babies' hatchday, did some paper plate craft and played some simple passing games with the folks... 

in return, the coordinator gave each of us a mini-diy-thank you tag as a form of appreciation.... so sweet of her.... 

(8) first blood donation of the year was in March and the second one in December... target hit!!!... Yeah!!!

(9) Yes... after 7 years of short hair, i am finally back to my long mane days.... but felt cheated la.... website said that to get 10 inches of mane, most ppl will need 6 - 9 months.... i think my last hair cut was in dec 2013 lo and now my mane is only about 6 inches from the rubber band la... which means i will need to keep them for another year before i can donate my ponytail to be made into a wig for the chemo patient...... i think Mr Ang will go nuts soon... he hates my long hair.... especially those on the floor.... =P  

(10) blog readership is still hovering around 300++ per day... have been a lazy blogger.... blog entries were 30% lesser  than last year.... actually, this is the second consecutive drop somemore lo... but if xiaxue's accusation of gushcloud is true, my blog stats is considered better than some of the famous bloggers liao oh...wahahahaha.... 

(11) made an effort to connect face-to-face with all these wonderful people in my life at least once this year... even happier is that most were more than once oh... =) 

Adv Dip pals (2013):
Angie+1, Felicia, Fid, Sherine, Pauline and Anisah

2013 P1 teachers:
ErniRaihanah, Li Ling, Kuga, Samantha and Caroline 

2012 P1 teachers: 
Xiao Mei, Aqidah, Ai Mei, Hui Miin and Raihanah

JPS art department (2011) 
Aster, Mdm Zakiah and Ain

 with my 2nd batch of modern jazz dancers (2010):
Chee En, Jaslyn & Natasha 

NIE pals (2005):
with Mab

with Michelle 

with claire

met up with laurice too but why no picture de???

SmartLab pals (2003): 
Joyce, Seeling, Uncle Yew Cheong

NTU FYP pals (2002):
Vivian & Xin Ying 

CJC 24th Student Councillors (1998) & +1:
Charles, James, Yei Mun+1, Crystin, Catherine and Eric+1

CJC 2S7 classmates (1998):
Dominic, Zhi Xiang, Lawrence, Liza, Vivian, Meixiang, Aneurin and Bernard

RSS schoolmates (1995):
Xiuting, Chun Yang+1, Yuan+1, Siew Mei+1

(12) just 1 letter away from completing my Singapore's A to Z blog challenge... missing in action - letter X... initial plan was for it to be Xmas countdown @ zouk but plan was cancelled as mum got admitted into ktph on xmas eve.... so now, anybody wanna plan a game @ Xcape??? jio me k??? heee.... 

on the whole, i feel that 2014 was a great year... deserve a 4.5* out of 5... =D 

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