Saturday, January 3, 2015

4th Wedding Anniversary celebration @ Pollen

4th year wedding anniversary is known as the silk/linen anniversary and the fruit/flower anniversary under the traditional US and UK version respectively... 

and for this year, we (more to I) decided that we shall follow the UK version... googled on interesting fruit and/or flower restaurant in Singapore and found POLLEN @ Gardens by the Bay.... PERFECT!!! ... somemore is a 1 Michelin star restaurant wor.... passed the baton of completing the booking to Mr Ang and tatatata.... 

Happi Angs on our way to a flora and fruity lunch... =)  

our parking lot...surprisingly, parking is not expensive at Gardens by the Bay.... approx $1.50 per hour which i tot was reasonable... 

lazy angs called for buggy service.... heee
 and while we were waiting, it was snap snap time... =) 

my flower hair-clip, from angie, deserved a pic on this flora day too...=) 

happi angs on the buggy that took us all the way to....
the entrance of Pollen, which is a 7 to 10 minutes walk away from the carpark.... 

the very normal looking buggy which seemed to have survived an accident recently... oopx!!! 

i would much prefer it to be decorated a little.... like this one below:

the interior of Pollen

pretty pretty plates as deco at our table

pretty carnation... =) 

service is really great @ Pollen... first they offered my bag a seat next to me
then they offered me a cashmere shawl as according to them, it could get chilling in the restaurant... thumbs-up for sweet gestures... =) 

A very excited Mrs Ang selfie-ing in the toilet while waiting for our lunch to be served


Disclaimer: despite the waitress and waiter trying their best to describe what we ate in great details, i will have to use much "?!?!?!?!" in the description just because they were too complicated for both of us to comprehend and remember.... the online menu is not updated hence i couldnt find all the name of the dishes we had ... =S

airy puff with cheesy cream?!?!?!?

尖头面包 with garlic butter which i tot tasted more like muruku spread
by the way, this was our favourite dish as the bread was freshly baked.... hot hot de oh when it came...soft soft on the inside with a  crust and tasted really good with the unique spread... totally dun remember what was the yellow stuff on the left but added it to our bread nevertheless ... =D

Mr Ang 迫不及待地开动了... 

what a cute expression!!!.. wahahahahaha.... 

Swordfish ceviche, Ikura caviar  for Mr Ang

and Parfait, JAAL 75%, verjus, pickled mushroom, shaved black truffle for moi

?!?!?!?!?! braised beef ?!?!?!?!?!? for mr ang
which i tot was a little too little for him... 

Barramundi, tabouleh, dates, mint tea for me


Black Forest for mr ang:
Cherry, pandan, JAAL 75% chocolate, shimeji, roasted tomatoes, Patron XO Café 

Pumpkin for me: 
Gingerbread, praline, banana, brown butter, Moscato d’ Asti, La Rosa Selvatica, Icardi, Piedmont 2011 

and because it was our anniversary, we were served this... red velvet ?!?!?!?, choc macaroons and mush-mellows.... =D 

bill came up to $160+ and came in this wooden box... 

as Pollen is located within the Flower Dome of Gardens by the Bay, we got to enjoy free entrance via this exit.... =) 

 Happi 4th wedding anniversary hubby!!!!

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