Thursday, January 1, 2015

Hi there, 2015! Please be just as Good or Better!

1) as per every year, staying HAPPILY married to mr ang is my top most important task of the year... and in this 5th year of marriage, it shall encompass me to be more understanding towards his roaring enthusiasm and chiong-all-the-way attitude towards his job... hope that despite his busy work schedule, multiple oversea work trips and different sleeping hours, we still have our 'we' time every night and getting fat and nua-ing together time every weekend and more travelling time during the school hols... =*

2) continue with our "once a term" chua outing.... =) ... hopefully can clock at least 3 outings with full attendance this year... 

3) Enjoy my 100% art timetable (18 classes) and being a co-form for the very first time in my 8.5 years of teaching.... 

yippy!!! it's a brand new year in a new school environment for me... hope the bosses and colleagues are just as amazing as those i had in jps... so far still so very good.... it's a nice break from having to do planning, briefing, monitoring and being in-charge... woohoo!!! ... am so going to enjoy my life as a BT in my new school... hurray to going home at 2pm on 2 out of 5 days and not later than 5pm on the remaining days... =D

4) stay healthier and hopefully lose some flabbiness by

- sleeping by 10pm every night so as to have 8 hrs of sleep every day
- drinking at least 2 litres of water every day
- having only 1 woobee bubble tea a week at 25% sugar 
- trying to have dinner by 6pm and soup @ 8pm
- running @ least once a week 

5) lots of oversea holiday...japan in june with the chuas, bhutan with waiyee in dec, korea/new zealand with the angs in dec.... all in the talk with no concrete plans yet.... shall see how it goes bah... but it definitely does not look as good as 2014... =S

6) read my camera manual and start taking better pictures!!! planning to start a photo blog challenge .... hmmmm.... or should i just sell my pen-lite and use the money, together with my LDS, to get a good camera phone instead?!?!?!?!

7) do more volunteering... Hope to participate in at least 2 activities through sgcare with mr ang...

8) donate blood at least thrice in 2015... by right, a healthy adult can donate blood every 3 months making 4 donations a year the ideal number.... but knowing myself too well.... i will definitely dily daly especially during the teaching terms ... =P

every unit of blood donated can save up to 3 lives!!!

9) inspired by dr jiajia and his family, i would luv to do little kind/sweet acts to random strangers too.... shall set a target for once a semester... =) 

10) hopefully the length of my ponytail can reached 10 inches by the end of the year so that i can donate them to be made into a wig for chemo patient @ this blog page - recycled your hair

11) Blog readership to reach 400+ reads every day. 

12) Continue to meet up  and connect with friends whom i luv... 

13) I want a SG50 baby this year just because cheapskate me wanna the unique birth certificate and all the freebies in the Jubilee baby gift pack and the POSB SG50 baby set... wahahahaha.... 

That's all for now.... as usual, it's gonna be a Fantastic 2015 too.... =D

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