Saturday, January 10, 2015

Royal Caribbean - Mariner of the Sea - Day 1

excited Angs on the cab which we had a hard time in getting due to the heavy downpour

Happy to see that there was a baggage drop off point... means can 手空空,脚空空地上船咯!!!

Alvin enjoying the free cookie after checked-in 

The ship was just magnificent!!!! super duper humongous!!!! 

still raining...=S 

my sea-pass; my entrance ticket to all the shows, my credit card for the 4 days 3 nights ahead....  

mandatory photo shoot

our room - 7502

our view before cruising off... =) 

was super thrilled to find out that our room was overlooking the bow of the ship.... somemore could see the helipad too.. =) 

was even funnier to see this sign near the smoke detector in our room... someone must had done something silly for this notice to be put up... wahahahaha

small sitting area in our cabin

Alfred & Alvin's room - 7506

these two boys were really making the cabin their home sweet home for the next few days.... 

cute gingerbread house at the dinning area on deck 11 

hawker style where we had to 'snatch' our own table 

food was really disappointing; limited variety, pasta was too dry, fish was too fishy, the mood set was just wrong... =S 

so we went to check out the ship;
the Jacuzzi area

arcade entrance

sports deck

the rock climbing wall 

can imagine how bored we were to be playing table tennis

evacuated for safety briefing @ 5pm 

all gathered in one of the lounge for the briefing 

went to look-see-look-see at the casino

and attended one of the complimentary lessons just to pass time... hahaha

others go to the casino to gamble, these two went for the snacks provided.... 

one of the game which caught our attention

just cos of the numerous wads of bills dangling in the machine

wad of bills for the lucky one!!! not us though... =( 

the star on the card indicated that we had signed the indemnity form  for rock climbing and could go ahead with our climb once the mat dried up from the rain ... =) 

there was really nothing much to do and we ended up in the games room

we made do with whatever was available.... 

black tiles means 花 or 大牌... it was quite an interesting game... wahahahaha... surprisingly, Alfred who had the least mahjong-ing experience was the overall winner.... 

my lousy tiles in one of the game

decided to check out the dining hall once more

Haix... =( ....失望到极点

reported to deck 5 for our fine dinning

my classic (boring) caeser salad

Mr Ang's escargots 

Alvin's chips with spinach dip 

my overcooked broiled fillet of Atlantic cod 

super bloody rare steak of Alfred's and Alvin's 

A more well done one for Mr Ang 

Main dish was really only so-so-so but the desserts saved the day.... =) 

spoiled for choice.... couldn't decide till Qing Ling, the waitress who served our table told us that we could actually order more than one!!!! She basically opened the flood gate to multiple orders lo.... so much that we sort of messed up their serving routine... oopx.... 

each of us at the table had at least 2 desserts each....the boys had 3 each.... wahahahha.... 

Alvin's creme brulee 

all of us ordered one of this mango pudding each

strawberry charlotte... Alfred's and my favourite

Mr Ang's favourite just because it was so chocolaty 
End of day 1 of much food and more food to come..... 

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