Saturday, January 24, 2015

Royal Caribbean - Mariner of the Sea - Day 2

worst decision made first thing in the morning was to order room service.... all the breakfast sets were really really CMI...

even the fruits were 绵绵 one...=S 

A super TL Mr Ang 

intended activity was rock climbing after breakfast, but the safety mats were still wet from the drizzle from the previous day so we ended up at the basketball court with many other people .. =S

so while the boys were sweating it out, i was suntanning and selfie-ing... heee

went in to play basketball shooting with them in my slippers and within 20 minutes, i twisted my right ankle.... not the serious serious kind but still ended up with a teeny weeny swollen ankle... it's always the right ankle after that fall into the drain during uni orientation donkey years back... =S

...lunch time at Rhapsody in Blue Dining Room at Deck 3.... 
the duo who weren't expecting much by then.... wahahahhaa

we weren't too....oopx

vegetarian fried tofu that didn't look fried at all

duck salad... exactly like the one mum always prepare at 蔡家

seafood laksa that looked and tasted like mee rebus.... =S

once again, dessert saved the day..... yummiliciously good ... =D

Finally the mats at the rock climbing area were totally dried up after lunch and we could finally had a taste of the "wonderful activities" available on the Mariner of the Sea.... 

so near yet so far... fear got over me and i gave up... =P 

all reached the top to ring the bell except me... =S

headed to the gym where the boys continued with their exercises while i just parked myself on one of the stationary bikes....

sweating it out in the steam room followed by a dip in a Jacuzzi pool in the gym was our favorite activity for this entire cruise holiday!!!!

went back to room sweet room for an afternoon nap and was greeted by this cute bunny... =D
this cruise compass provided a detailed schedule of all the programs and shows for the following day... it was an essential item to ensure our days on the cruise to be as 'fulfilling' as possible... 

this was in the boys' room ... 

caught the DreamWorks Move It! Move It! Parade at 5.15pm

such cute and chubby piglets.... my favourite!!!

Dinner was a formal event at Deck 5

shrimp gyozos were good... surprisingly...oopx

salmon fillet for the boys 

Thai Curry Fish which tasted not too bad

seafood pasta was acceptable too 

7 colours sorbet.... yum!!!!

and more fabulous desserts... 

joined in the 70's Dancing in the street disco Party after dinner and Alvin caught this super shimmering and sparkling diamond ring for me... wahahaha

gave it to a sweet little girl halfway through the performance though... 

had fun dancing to all the retro songs.... miss clubbing @ Zouk so much... wahahahaha 

ended the night with Production Showtime starring the Royal Caribbean singers and dancers @ Centre Stage 

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