Thursday, February 26, 2015

CNY 2015

Since i had a package with Nail Palace @ Hougang Mall, i had decided to pamper myself a little this CNY... 

not a fan of red nails yet still want them to look CNY-ly.... quite happy with the colour combi...

but the upsetting news is that this design of nail art cost $10 per finger on top of the already very expensive meni and gelish charges... !@#$%$#@!......i was so glad i had only asked for it to be done on 4 fingers even without knowing about the exorbitant charges.... 

not very smart me had forgot to ask for the price prior to the service and got a shock out of my life when they deducted $112 from my balance.... so i am so super gonna look after them well and make sure they last till after KY's wedding in March... a total of 3 weeks... 

Happi Angs on 大年初一
this is the last CNY where everyone will see Mr Ang with his not very neat set of teeth..... he has finally bucked up the courage, thanks to Celest, to start his braces journey this March... =) 

first stop of the day: 洪爸爸's and 妈妈's place
Mr Ang with his all-time favourite pineapple tarts which 妈妈's elder sister made... i also mad luv with the melt in my mouth pastry... =) 

Next stop:  蔡家

where i get to eat my all time favourite dish - 蔡 mummy's 斋菜
i can finish one whole plate of rice with just this dish of veg and i can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner which was always the case every CNY before i moved to hougang.... =D 

home-cooked cheng tng 

luv luv mummy's muah chee where we got to cut and toss it in peanut powder ourselves... =) 

super duper delicious!!!!... superb Q-ness and sweetness... mad luv too... 

asked alvin to take another pic with his angbao from moi @ the place he found it... heee 

our first CNY movie which was such a disappointment... =( ... totally not worth to watch it even on weekdays.... wait for dun watch it @ all cos will spoil the good work done by the first drama series.... yes, it's that bad... =P 

the pinky pair of Angs after the movie.... 

cooked my very first pot of rice at home sweet home for our late dinner to 配 the 斋菜 which i packed home from 蔡家... =)

ended the day with another round of mahjong with Mr Ang and his cousins and lady luck was shinning on me.... i 听三张, 自摸八筒, 二花 was my 花 so total 10台!!! Woohoo!!! Huat ah!!! 
went to bed with a huge grin on my face though bedtime was at 2.15am... yawn!!!!!

Happi Angs on 大年初二


first stop: Wang 家
photo credit: mr ang's elder cousin

every one was helping out with the unique Wang's style of lou hei... with pomelo, mandarin oranges and apples... =) 
photo credit: mr ang's elder cousin

Second stop: back to 蔡家

Angela's turn to pose with the ang bao from me for a better shot 
this crazy girl was wearing a ridiculously high pair of heels... she is already 10cm taller than me without the heels and with her 4 inch high heels, i felt like a dwarf next to her la.... 

Mr Ang played another round of mahjong while i enjoyed another 2 episodes of running man... =)  

saw this pic on 范范's fb and was glad i was not the only pig/panda that day.... 



photobombed by my 2 princesses... =S 
PS: Alvin Chua, you are really a lousy photographer.

sprung a surprise visit to nanny's place.... wahahahaha.... glad to see that she is still healthy and bubbly
new resolution for this year.... pop by nanny's place at least twice this year

then Mr Ang and I decided to end off our CNY long weekend with cakes from Fruit Paradise

and another movie to compensate for the disappointing 衝上雲霄 which we watched on 大年初一 ... =) 

Glad that this didnt disappoint... =) 
though still mixed with lots of hokkien and even cantonese this round, English dialogue was so much better than the earlier 2 shows.. =) 

大年初五 之 开工大吉

Why no have 15 day CNY holiday de????? 

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