Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Angs on Valentine's Day
surprise/guilty/sad/amazed was that this was only the second officially celebrated Valentine's Day in our 6 years together just because it was on a Saturday... =D

but it was kind of too short so i matched it with a long cardigan for modesty... =) ... else i would be very self conscious about whether i will 'zhao gen' the whole day lo.... 

 Happi Mrs Ang on a Valentine's date... =) 

Mr Ang had made a reservation @
located at PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road....

venue was chosen just because i shared this blog on my fb on Tuesday and the featured photo for the post was this beautifully fried money bag dim sum below

both of us browsed through the post briefly, focusing only on the pics and not much on the text, picked out the important info (high tea @ $32 per pax) and decided that it shall be our valentine's day meal... =)

very 难得 that we celebrate Valentine's Day with effort put into dressing up and having a planned meal as i totally have no energy for it if it falls on weekdays which was the case for the last 5 valentine's day... so since this year, it was on a Saturday, we tried our luck at making a booking just 3 days before the big day and was surprised that we managed to get a confirmation.... =)

We arrived at 2.10 pm, 20 minutes before the high tea starts, to find the restaurant empty....

OMG!!! Mr Ang booked the whole restaurant for me.... 

like real.... wahahaha... but we did have the whole restaurant to ourselves throughout the whole meal.... we also had undivided attention from our server and a private chef who was engaged just for us.... guess Chinese restaurant is not a choice for lovey dovey days... and thus it shall be our choice for all future Valentine's Day.... wahahahha.... 

luv luv the lanterns 

my favourite valentine every single day

and luv this pic of me that mr ang took... 

we had the;

bird nest and fish roe siew mai 

my favourite from the high tea set - pan-fried duck meat bun with goose liver sauce

steam carrot cake with XO sauce

steamed glutinous rice with minced meat

my 2nd favourite - steamed cake with waxed meat

dan dan noodle with mini abalone which went to a super happi mr ang cos me is no fan of abalone ... 

my cup of red tea 

beancurd with wolfberry 

almond cake with birdnest and pumpkin sauce 

my 3rd favourite - crispy glutinous rice ball 

it was really a high tea set where it was a one piece, one bowl per person kind of serving... enough for small eaters like me but definitely not for mr ang... =P

so we ordered their pan-fried 年糕
 which became my favourite dish for the day .... crispy base with a slight fragrance of burnt and chewy texture... yum max!!!! 

we completed the comments form, praised them for the quality of their food and excellent services from Yenny, the server who was attending to us.... we had bombarded her with alot alot of questions as the food served was totally different from those we saw from the blog... only to realise that the one we saw only starts from 18 February.... hmmmm, have the urge to come back for more.... a rare thought from mi.... 

anyway, we received this box of tea for completing the comments form

and also this pack of red packets 

A kiss from wifey me for being the best hubby for me... =*... every day is indeed a happy valentine's day with u in my life... i am so blessed....  

earlier that morning, with my princess brownie

and later that night 

Valentine's Day archive:
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there seems to be a trend to only 'celebrate' valentine's day on odd years siah!!! 

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