Monday, March 16, 2015

CJC Carnival 2015

so fast 40th anniversary liao.... vaguely remember that i was involved in the 25th anniversary as a student councillor back in 1999?!?!?!?! 

bought a $10 coupon
and the last carnival where we were involved in was in 1998... our class, 1S7, had 2 stalls.... a waffle ice-cream stall and the water balloon game stall ... still remember doing traffic duty as a councillor elect oh.... 

anyway, before reading on, it's good to know the definition of the phrase 'new to us'... it means that the structure/subject/item are 'new to the 3 of us' who went back after graduating 16 years ago... wahahahaha....

and omg, i feel old looking at that number... ='( 

this area is the 'new to us' courtyard that is used for the daily morning assembly... 
i hope the students need not have to face the sun every morning like how we had to long long ago.... and i sincerely hope the current principal is not as preachy as the one we had too.... standing facing the rising sun every morning for more than 30 minutes every other day was no joke lo... =S 

the 'new to us' block of classrooms above the concrete steps near the field
can see a little bit of the 'new to us' running track too

our first task of the day was to look for our class's Home Tutorial Councillor, Mark Li, who is back in cj as the Subject Head of Pastoral Care ... woowoo!!!

and he was found @ the Dunking booth

where the three of us spent $6 to try to win one of the 3 chances to dunk him but without any luck... =S


spotted this.... 24th SC feels so long ago....  

 really was 人山人海

spotted a ice-kachang stall managed by the 2 Tech 1 class of 1978
which was sold out by the time we reached at about 1pm... =S

the 3 of us while in the queue for ramly burger 

happi to bump into the 23rd SC

met up with Mark once more after his wash up and he kindly took us on a school tour...

our favourite bench outside our classroom, 2S7

except for the noticeboard @ the back of the classroom, everything else looked about the same as 16 years ago... 

the 'new to us' pond on the greenary just below our classroom  

once our assembly ground  

the hall looked pretty much the same too... =) 
memories of mass dance, orientation dance etc etc 

glad to be back in cjc and even more glad that the 3 of us still meet up at least once every year after all these years.... =)  

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