Wednesday, March 4, 2015

onesies' art lessons on lines & colours with Piet Mondrian

i must say, i was pretty hardworking at setting up the art wall deco for most of my P1 classes in the super beginning of the term...key word is "most" before my energy level and ideas ran out.... =P 
class 1-1

class 1-3

class 1-4

class 1-5

Class 1-8

I believe in displaying every single piece of artwork that every child did... so even for the remaining classes which did not get to 'enjoy' the deco header made by moi, they too still have an art space in their classroom for all their art display... =) 

the first piece of artwork the onesie created was their name-tag where they could draw anything they like... the only criteria was that they have to write their name as big as possible yet fit all the letters of their name into the art paper that i gave them... 

it was no joke chasing after all 210 pieces of name-tags, laminating them, attaching a cloth peg to each and every name-tag and finally putting them up on the walls.... spent so much money on getting the clothes pegs and blu tac.... and only at this moment would i miss being back in jps where i get to claim for everything i buy for the school... =S

the second piece of artwork which the onesie did was inspired by Piet Mondrian 
  • ·         Dutch painter from Netherland
  • ·         Born in 1872, died in 1944
  • ·         Art movement: De Stijl - centred around basic geometric forms and primary colours

His artworks are very distinctive and i believe most of us have seen products inspired by his style before; 

Lesson focus:
(i)        Lines – thick, thin, vertical, horizontal , straight
(ii)       Shapes – square, rectangle
(iii)      Colour – primary colours; red, blue and yellow 

i was really happy to see some of the kiddos creating their own designs using variations of thick & thin lines and primary colours. 

The lesson was extended to create straight line drawings with the help of dot paper...and filling the colours with one of the colour families:
(1) primary colours
(2) secondary colours
(3) warm colours
(4) cool colours

it would be even more perfect if i can get funds to purchase sufficient art resources for every pupil to use in school and at the same time, all pupils  have all their art resources at home to complete any partially completed work that cannot be completed within the 1 hour in class... =) 

i want to live and teach in an ideal world/school/class la!!!! 

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