Sunday, April 5, 2015

1st makeup trial by 蔡三宝

Angela has been attending the Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry course by Cosmoprof since last October and will be having her practical exam this April and May.... 

and i had 脸皮厚厚地 ask to be one of her models... and seeing that i still had both my wedding dresses with me, though one of them had been altered to knee length, she accepted my proposal... heee 

but i sort of regretted my decision upon seeing what she had planned for me.... 
in my mind was "are you freaking sure this 浓妆 is suitable for me?"... i seriously think i couldnt pull it off at all la.... but as the condition to be her model was to keep all opinions to myself, i kept quiet and just be a 乖乖 model lo... =S

this is me with no makeup

corrective makeup to attempt to cover my ridiculous 黑眼圈 and acne and pimple marks

female hulk!!!! 

trying to make my button nose sharper 

first practice done.... 

with hair accessory 
hmmm.... i looked more like a flower girl than a bride ah?!?!?!?! #self-praise#not complaining though... wahahahhaa

so MUA-soon-to-be angela decided to tong my hair 
as it was just for practice and it was getting a little late (read: i m sleepy),  i told her to 意思意思 curl abit can liao la.... oopx.... 

luving my makeup so much that i couldnt resist taking a few more selfies

before it was all gone in a wet wipe...   

looking forward to the second trial soon.... =) 

anyone interested to engage her after her graduation for any kind of makeup can email her at

quote "urjiejie" to enjoy 10% discount..... wahahahaha 

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