Monday, April 6, 2015

onesies' art lessons on curves and organic shapes with Joan Miro

after learning about lines and colours with Piet Mondrian, the onesies learnt about curves and organic shapes with Joan Miro... 

Joan Miro was a Spanish artist who is famous for his surrealism style artworks that is filled with bold and expressive colours... 
The smile of the flamboyant wings 

The Garden

Lesson 1:
learning more about the artist, his works and filling in the colours of one of his artworks, The Garden,  with oil pastels... 

Lesson 2: 
found this template online, with a dice, kiddos create their own Miro character 

kiddos having fun rolling the dice, counting the number and drawing their BIG BIG Miros

drawings were outlined with thick black marker to create the Miro's 'feel'

Lesson 3: 
filling in of colours for their miro characters with oil pastels....

Lesson 4: 
background colours were added with watercolours to teach the concept of wax resist.... doubt the kiddos were paying much attention to me as they were all so eager with the thoughts of finally allowed into the art room to paint... 

Lesson 5: 
Gallery Walk and first try at Praise, Question and Polish (PQP) 

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