Sunday, May 31, 2015

Angela's 21st birthday celebration & graduation

蔡三宝 二一 咯!

hatchday dinner at Paradise Dynasty @ CWP after accompanying mum for her ops review at ktph...

fried pumpkin ....i like...sweet sweet chewy chewy de...

8 flavours xiao long bao which I ordered but appreciated by none, myself included... Oopx!!!

pretty looking but all weird flavours such as truffles, foie gras, garlic, cheese etc and everyone was fighting for the original so in the end we ordered 2 baskets of the original .... Hahaha...

unique assortment of cakes; tiramisu, red velvet, rainbow cake, carrot cake, chocolate mousse from The French Table @ Northpoint, as her hatchday cakes.... 

with her unique birthday candle  

may all ur wishes come true and may u grow wiser and less temperamental as you age

a big wet birthday kiss from our beloved 蔡 mummy

A series of 蔡家福

蔡小宝 looking very much like 蔡二宝 with my astig spects on

and a week before this was her; 

aiyo... should have tuck her long hair behind her ears lo.... couldnt see much of her face... =S .... hope the officially photographer manage to capture a better shot 

as there were simply too many people and we also didnt know what to do after taking the mandatory photo with the grad, 蔡 mummy and i left shortly after, leaving Angela to go take pics with her friends who travelled all the way to ulu Singapore Poly just to take pic with her....佩服佩服!!!   

so what's next after graduation for her???? well, she will be bumping around for a year plus, continuing with her part time stint at Lorna Whiston as a teaching assistant, performing at events, doing make-up at events etc etc, before flying off to London for 2 years for her degree... clap clap clap clap....

she has been accepted in the University of London, the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as a direct second year student starting next October.... =D

and the best part is; she will be (finger crossed... still waiting for approval... but she's very confident of getting it) going on a scholarship... double triple doses of hurrays!!! 

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