Tuesday, May 19, 2015

hubby's birthday celebrations

Being a Taurus, Hubby's hatchday, just 3 days apart from 洪 papa's hatchday, is always during Mother's Day week and hence we always have a 3-in-1 celebration and this year, we had our dinner at Mayim, Northpoint

from Ah Girl to Ah Ma
the amusing thing was, ah ma was the only person who ordered soft drink while the 6 of us, a lot younger in age, all had hot tea.... =P 

first dish - appetiser 

too busy eating and chatting to take pics of the rest of the food. especially the 佛跳墙... oopx 

bird nest as dessert 

bought a cake and continued the celebration a day later 
As the weather was rather stuffy, Mr Ang had removed his shirt to reveal his airism tee (hatchday present from moi)
abit 良心过不去 to treat his hatchday so 草率-ly, especially since i had more time away from work this year, so i gave him his title "celebration" too though it looked kind of insincere as i typed it out.... hahahahahaha....  

H ugs and kisses aplentiful throughout the day - as usual

U niqlo airism tees as present - 5 pieces somemore k? - i promise to stick to u like these tees hubby.... wahahahaha

B ak kua just because i had craving for it

B ubble tea from woobbee - it's an almost alternate day treat just cos i am so addicted to my passion fruit green tea with aiyu... yumm... 

Y ummilicious dinner @ shinken - the only one that's worth mentioning actually.... oopx

@ $39.90 each for a Friday night spread
happiness!!! would even be happier if the 20% discount was valid for dinner too... =P 
free flow ice lemon tea in a flask for moi

comparable to ichibon..... one of the few chawamushis that i like... =) 

Happi Hatchday Hubby Baby 

from wifey baby 

i think we ordered more.... but din bother to take pic of every single dish...

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