Saturday, May 2, 2015

Japan (Tokyo & Kyoto) itinerary in June 2015

Alfred has been wanting to go to Japan for the longest time ever so i shall be the nice jie jie (as always) and fulfill his dream this june... and managed to persuade + coax + lure the other 2 As to come with us...making this the first family holiday trip with full attendance in 16 years after the china trip way back in 1999 .... 

though we will be spending about 10 days in Japan, we will only be visiting places in and around Tokyo and Kyoto... 

We will be flying by japan (JAL) airline... gotten the tickets @ 390 euro via Bravofly which equates to about S$570.... 

reviews on Bravofly are very scary many complains about 

  • not receiving confirmation (we did within 15 mins)
  • cannot get through to customer service (Alfred could @ the first call regarding a typo in Mum's name and was rectified immediately

yet i was still not 放心 enough.... so worried was i that i emailed JAL directly and asked if all our names are in their system for the flight and received a Good to Go reply...=)  

well, i conclude, happy and satisfied customers just don't have the habit to give positive reviews... i will try to be those positive ones more often!!!... =) 

(1) Apartment in Shinjuku for our 1st night @ S$189 via airbnb... (actual visit) 

(2) 2 bedroom traditional wooden townhouse (Machiya) in Kyoto @ $260 per night via it is just a 5 minutes walk away from kyoto station... super convenient for all our day trips out and about kyoto... =)  (actual visit)

 looks like it's a 2 story townhouse ah...

(3) our most expensive accommodation is at Shojoshin-in, a temple at Mount Koyasan via Japanese Guest House... it cost a whooping S$145 per pax per night inclusive of a vegetarian dinner and breakfast the next morning... (actual visit)

(4) 2 bedroom apartment via airbnb at nishikasi @ S$181 per night after a 15% discount using my DBS credit card for payment

living room 

2 bedrooms that look similar

(5) first cabin capsule hotel via @ S$50 per pax per night .... selected because we (more to I) want to experience a capsule hotel and also because it's just 150m away from Tsukiji market, a must visit place at 3.15am.... Yawn!!!! 

Places of visit:

(1) Nara Park - to feed the 1200 free roaming deers  (actual visit)

(2) Toei Studio Park - a theme park where japanese ninja shows are filmed... i suspect wolverine might be filmed there too... 
(actual visit)

(3) Universal Studio Japan - for Harry Potter World... =) 
     (actual visit)
online tickets can only be purchased on the japanese universal studio website.... thank god for having a friend, Natalie, who can read Jap .... =*

(4) Mount Koya - of steep cable car ride and our temple stay 

(5) Zao Fox Village - to feed the foxes and be swarm by them... =) 

(6) Nissin Cup noodles museum - to make our personalise cup cup noodles... limited to 3 each though.... 

(7) Tsukiji market - for tuna auction and fresh sushi for alfred 

(8) Akihabara - manga paradise for alfred and owl cafe for me... =) ... (actual visit) 

(9) Shinjuku, Shibuya and Harajuku 

pics credit:
anywhere and everywhere on the net

shall take and upload my own pics when i am there... 37 more days to the trip!!!! Yippy Ya Yo!!!

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